Help with multiplaying emulators

My fiance/coauthor Trish used to play the 8-bit NES, and is very much interested in emulation. For my part, I’m very much looking forward to playing the old games with her that I always used to play alone - especially River City Ransom. But… I don’t know how to do so. Is anyone willing to help us figure out how to use emulators for netplay?

Which emulator are you using? Jnes has an online client of it’s own that works like most normal PC game ones.

At the moment, we have not downloaded any emulators. Sure, I’ve played a number of them in the past, but I hesitated to do so until I got some advice on what to use.

In that case, get Jnes for NES games, SNES9X or ZSNES for SNES games, and Gens for Genesis games. They all have easy-to-use multiplayer cilents.

Just make sure you both have the exact copy of the same game (since there are at least two to a dozen versions of any one game) and it should all work fine.