Help with maps.

I need maps of Native American tribal territory maps. 500 BC would help majorlly but I’ll settle for anything before the white men came. Can anyone help?

I doubt you’ll find many pre-settlement maps…because it was the Western settlers that made the maps. So any “map” you’d find prior to that would be just an approximation. But you might try searching here:

Hey, ex-comrade.
Check this site, unfortunately, some of the map links don’t work.

This map shows culture areas of more than 500 tribes of North America before first contact. To learn about a culture in materials prepared by the Canadian INAC, click on the red dots. Click the LARGEST DOT at the top for overview of Natives of the north.
Clickable dots below the line bring up overviews written by various American scholars, usually for Indian Studies courses

So, you are still into “Reds” :wink: Funny, the Soviet literature and cinema always presented Native Americans as the good guys, way before Hollywood rehabilitated them. I guess it had something to do with the Russian civil war: “Reds” vs. “Whites”.