Help with imaging and stuff

Could anyone here recommend or suggest any good programs for creating transparent GIFs, saving JPGs with low memory (instead of always saving at best quaility), and opening and editing PNGs?

Here’s the story why: you see, my computer hates imaging. I am absolutely unable to do transparent GIFs because my MS Paint doesn’t handle them, and the program I use (Paint Shop Pro 16-Bit) saves the file names in ALL CAPS and automatically transparents the black, no matter what I tell it to do. Second of all, my MS Paint doesn’t open JPGs or PNGs either, and if I try and save them in PSP, they come out in ALL CAPS again at highest quality, with the memory for each image being ridiculous. It’s very irritating to have to take each individual picture, rename it, then run it through an optimizer.\

If anyone could recommend a program that can help me out, I would be very, very greatful, and I would finally be able to muster the strength to revise the shrines I plan on revising. Please do not recommend Photoshop; that doesn’t want to work on my computer either.

Anyway, thank you all for any suggestions you may have.

I use Paint Shop Pro 8, and it works just fine for what you just asked. Just remember to click the “optimise” button when saving as a .gif or .jpg, and tweak the options.

Fireworks is another good alternative. It saves everything as PNGs, so all you have to do is choose the Export option then you can fool around with the settings you want.

If you have MS Office, look for a (very simple) program called Microsoft Photo Editor. Open an image in there and you can easily save it as a transparent GIF or very nice JPG (at 90% compression it looks almost perfect and is a lot smaller than most other formats). The downside is that you can’t actually draw using it, but you can easily do that in MS Paint and paste it into MPE.

If you don’t have MS Office, I can still send it to you if you like, it’s not large. :sunglasses:

Do what i do! Scan the Mags for Cut price Bargins. I use a piece of software that is 5 years old and I does everything I want it to do. (It was on PcPlus January 1999, under freeware)

Or just find freeware.

Big Nutter

Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I’ll try them out and see what works best.

This one speaks truth.

Paintshop Pro 7 is best. There is no argument here. None!

Although seriously, what’s the big deal about Photoshop? I tried it once and it looked needlessly complicated and weird.

Adobe Photoshop (6.0 +)

Notice how he said not to suggest photoshop?

I know, but he may have been talking about an older version. New versions of PS seem to work well.

I always relied on good old Microsoft Photo Editor or Adobe Photoshop…maybe I’m just outdated but they’ve rarely failed me.