Help with Final Fantasy 6, for SNES*

Ah, crap… I figured that would work, too.

It would probably be best just to take down the Phoenix Cave.

I can possibly try to get him to 300 HP, then do Palidor. But damn, it will be tough.

I might as well get a strategy guide, and head for that wretched cave.

why not take him down to 300 let some character do a jump attack, once he is in the sky call Palidor. the one who jumped first kills him and gets an Ultima, the rest of the bunch is in the Sky with palidor.

(Oh and i posted the rumor sites in the FF Forum)

Let someone else do a jump attack? I thought only with Palidor you can jump. =/ How do I jump?

i guess you need a Relic called Dragon boots. Then the Attack command will be replaced with jump

But, you can only use the ‘item’, and ‘magic’ (or ‘x magic’) command in this whole battle.

hmm thats right, i totally forgot. Then you need Phoenix or cosmic stats (i really recommend Phoenix since it gets handy in other hard battles)

I guess I’ll find another way. That Phoenix cave is too hard. X_X

Hey Come on if I was able to master it, it can’t be that hard :slight_smile:

The Phoenix cave isn’t that hard, just get a map or even better, a walkthrough (not sure if the shrine has the Phoenix Cave covered yet, ZEPPELIN) somewhere online. GameFAQS ought to have something handy if RPGC’s shrine doesn’t. And for the party with your weaker characters, just have Mog equip the Moogle Charm relic (which is right where you found him in Narshe; search the spot where he was standing when you found him).

If my scanner worked, I’d scan the map I have, but I’m afraid I can’t help you until I figure out what’s wrong.

Why not head off and complete the rest of the game first? There’s still plenty to do.

just use the rasp trick on him. to make the fight really easy, cast berserk (think you can do that in 6… a bit rusty) on him first so that he’s stuck with his double digit physical attack.

I didn’t think Status magic worked on him. I tried vanish on him, and didn’t work. But if I were able to cast Beserk on Magimaster, it would use physical attacks, I use rasp, blah, blah. Does he still use Ultima afterwards? (Once his MP reaches 0)

no mp = no ultima. that’s how I beat him on my first game. beserk does work, though I’m not sure about it’s success rate.

I completely missed your post there, deathstryke. ; . ;

Thanks, I’ll attempt to steal his MP to win the battle later on. I don’t think berserk works against bosses… But, you never know, maybe this boss is an exception?

I always just got Life 3 before fighting him and beat him that way. I mean, you’ve got to rescue Locke eventually anyway, and really, rescuing Locke <i>isn’t</i> that hard (especially if you use the Moogle Charm with one of your two parties and you put all your best fighters in the other party).

Or cast Berserk on him. Stealing his MP is probably the least desirable of the three methods mentioned here if you ask me (he’s got a helluva lot of MP to steal).

Berserk will work on Magimaster?

100th post, woo.

Berserk does work, but it wont stop Ultima. The best way to do it without Phoenix is to simply not die.

Fight in the dino forest until you have about 4500 hp. Then equip a muscle belt and a green beret on one of your characters. They should have about 7000+ hp with those on. I suggest Terra with your setup. Then, when he’s down to his last hit, use X-Magic Cure3+Flare. She should be able to survive his Ultima if she has decent magic defense. (I suggest the Aegis shield and Genji Armor. And Genji Helm if you don’t feel safe with a mere Green Beret.)

You can get the Muscle Belt and Aegis shield in the mountains at Zozo. The belt is dropped by the really tall gigas enemy and the shield is in a chest. The Genji equipment is in Daryll’s Tomb.

In case you didn’t notice, they don’t want you just walking out of there with a Gem Box. Magimaster is meant to be hard to beat. Frankly I don’t think you should be attempting it at such a tiny level.


What level is reccomended?

So, if I just used Beserk on him, and then used Rasp on him, until he has 0 MP… he can’t use Ultima… correct?

The level can’t be high enough, 2what level is recommended?" is a question

that shouldn’t exist (in my opinion)