Help with Final Fantasy 6, for SNES*

[Some spoilers may be in this post, read at your own risk]

Well, being banned from the chatroom some time ago, I think 3 months ago, I’m forced to ask this simple question on the message forum.

In Final Fantasy 6, I’m currently fighting Magimaster, at the Tower tributing to Kefka. I’ve been training with that place near Miranda (I think it was Miranda), and still got pretty crappy skills and level. To show you how much they bloody friggin’ suck, I will list my part members, with rounded HP/MP.

Terra - Level 43
HP: 3100/3100
MP: 550/550

Mog - Level 45
HP: 3300/3300
MP: 535/535

Celes - Level 46
HP: 3200/3200
MP: 870/870*

Sabin (Mash for some versions) - Level 42
HP: 2900/2900
MP: 525/525

I know I am way underleveled, but I ‘beat’ Magimaster already, but he counters the finishing blow with Ultima. I combined relics with Terra to make usually all the attacks from Magimaster, except Ultima, to 2 digit values. However, Ultima still does 6000+ damage. The strategy I am using, is having everyone use Flare, and Cure 3 every once in a while, but with Terra using X Magic + Life + Cure 3 on dead allies. But other than those occassional moments, she used X Magic + Flare + Flare. I can do the battle while only using 1 item (X-Ether, for Terra, of course), and rarely healing… is there a relic I can get, to reduce damage, or a spell that reduces damage to 0 for one turn?

Please Note: I will not change my party members to complete this, all my other members are level 30-35. I would have Locke replace Sabin/Mash for this battle, but that damned cave where he is located in, is too hard.

*That is probably due to me using this relic --forgot what it was–, that increases total MP by 1/2. But I really don’t know, don’t pay much attention to relics.

Use Life 3, fom Phoenix (one time auto revive)

Automatic revival? So when I die, it revives me anyways? Hmm… where can I get Phoenix?

There is a Star Shaped Mountain on the world map, you can land with the zeppelin in the center, there you will find a nice weapon for Cyan, the (i guess) red dragon and find Phoenix.
You should prepare two strong teams for this dungeon.

Oh, that goddamn place where you’re s’pose to find Locke? Screw that. Any other strategies? Is there a way to get Vanish-Doom to work on it?

nope thats the only way to beat magimaster, except you know a way to boost your defenses into higher spheres.

That’s about it. You need Life 3 cast, or you die. Simple as that.

Then again, try equipping a few Zephyr Capes on each character. Ultima may very well miss if you do. If you can get your magic-evade stat to 128% (evade doesn’t actually do ANYTHING in FF6 due to a bug in the game), you will almost never be hit.

Or do this: watch his HP level. When it’s very low (around 1000 or so), summon Palidor.

Damnit, that sucks. I gotta buy a guide, if I can find one for it. I really need Locke & Phoenix, I guess.

@Dalton of Zeal

Palidor? Never heard of it.

thats it, by the way you heard of the Tiamat rumor ? (obviously a fake)


Lvl: 68
HP: 50000
MP: 50000
EXP: 0
GP: 0
Steal: Elixir, Crystal Orb
Drop: Megalixir
Element: None
Weakness: None
Found: Tower of Fanatics (WoR)

Switches defense with WallChange, so use Flare and Ultima. He’ll use his own Ultima at the end, so have at least one person ready with Life 3. Dies at 0 MP.

Dies at 0 MP? If I use MP drain on him until 0, he will still use Ultima?

Palidor is easy to find; head to Triangle Island (the island where you started on when the world went to ruin, where you caught fish and all that), and check the beach. Trust me; it works.

EDIT: Try the MP thing though, but be aware that it takes a while. And the spell is Osmose for draining MP, not Drain. You can use Rasp, too.

Okay, thanks a lot! I hope I can finally kill it.

Onto another problem, what level should I be to search for Locke?

I’d say about 30-35. By the way, put Mog on one of the teams and equip the Moogle Charm to make things easier.

or morph one character into an Imp, and equip all the Imp Equipment on him :slight_smile:
or even better, do that with ALL your Characters

Imp equipment does?

I can find it all where?

That too, but earning imp armaments can be a bit tougher than the cave itself if you’re not careful.

What’s this Tiamat rumor you speak of? 8)

here are rumors, nice to read was nice if they were true:

want some neat FF 7 rumors as well?

I’m not buying any of these rumors, but they’re fun to read anyway. If you have a site or list of sites, go ahead and post them. 8)

Hmph, Dalton, I tried using Palidor, which I did find by the beach, when he, Magimaster, had like, 1000 HP left, and maybe in total, I did 400 damage. I only did double-digit damage numbers. =/