Help with FF X-2!

i wont be much of a help because i’m not brilliant at the game but could someone tell me where to Dresspheres like alchemist and ones like that!

Please ask a specific question and we can help you.

For Alchemist, you need to do the Chocobo Ranch mission in the Calm Lands (where the Battle Arena used to be). If you don’t talk to Clasko in chapter 1 or 2, you can’t get it at all.

Seriously…GODDAMNIT!!!..i’ve already completed it once and i’m way passed chapter 2!!!
Ok then here is a list of the ones i have got if any1 can help and tell me where the ones i’m missing are it would be appreciated!

Gun Mage
Dark Knight
Black Mage
White Mage
Lady Luck
Floral Fallal
Machina Maw
Full Throttle

The only two you’re missing are alchemist and mascot. Cid explained how to get alchemist above. In order to recieve the mascot dressphere, you have to get ‘Episode Complete’ as opposed to ‘Episode Concluded’ in all of the areas in Chapter 5. This means completing all the secret missions successfully, and fulfilling certain requirements like seeing certain cut-scenes, and seeing certain scenes on the commspheres.
Whatever you do, don’t visit Zanarkand last in Chapter 5 as you don’t automatically reboard the airship.
After obtaining ‘Episode Complete’ in all of the areas, Brother will talk to you and hand over the mascot dressphere.

On a related topic: despite my BEST efforts, I finished FFX2 with 99% completion. YET, I think I got to see all the ending scenes! Does that mean that A) Total completion was NOT necessary to see all endings, B) the completion ONLY goes up to 99, or C) Is there are an alternate ending I missed?

There’s one you missed. If you have 100% completion, there’ll be an extra scene (not FMV, but using the in-game engine) at the end of the Good ending.

Total completion does not determine which ending you get. It’s your actions in the hole at Djose at the end of Chapter 3, and then at the flower field in Chapter 5 that determine whether or not you get the good ending.

Edit: I forgot about the extra scene if you get 100%, but you can get the good ending no matter what your completion.

if you did everything anly got 99% the only reason i can think is that you gave the awsome sphere to new yevon this makes different things in certain places but you can only get 99% if you give it to new yevon

No, I didn’t give the sphere to New Yevon, precisely because the guide tells me that I wouldn’t get 100% if I did it.

The only thing I can think of that I missed was a supposed scene between Rikku and Yuna on the Celsius. It was supposed to be triggered after you returned from the abyss. The others (with the other crew members) were, but not that one. I have no idea what I did wrong.

And I DID do the things needed to trigger the hidden endings that Angel mentioned, too.

The scenes I saw where:
(Do I need to say it? DO NOT READ if you want to be surprised!)

1) Yuna gets told all be well by someone after the battle; 2) The characters give a speech to the people; and finally, 3) Yuna is reunited with her lover.

OK, am I missing something, or did I get them all?

Yep, there’s one more in the “perfect” ending after all that.

I didnt get the same ending as you your number 3) is different to mine
when i finished the game:

Yuna goes on the airship and then you see her on the deck and it says something like"it all started when i saw this sphere of you" and then it goes to the credits

anyway i started this thread for help about X-2 so here is some from me:

this is where you will find the 10 cactuar gate keepers:

  1. Lobivia- In the desert Oasis
  2. Toumeya- Besaid Island(on the beach near the sea)
  3. Loberia- Guadosalam, in Le Blancs Chateau(downstairs in leblancs first room)
    4 and 5. Areq and Arroja- Riding a chocobo near the gorge of the calm lands
  4. Islaya- In the thunder Plains(north) near a cactuar stone
  5. Chiapa- go to killika woods and walk staright forward until you reach the second crossroad and turn right he is up a
    tree(it says press O to jump)
  6. Erio- On Mount Gagazet(near the part where you fight seymore on FFX)
  7. Bartschella- In Dona’s house on Kilika Island
  8. Frailea- In the rouge catuar cavern in the catuar nation.

You must speak to all of the cactuars mothers before you try to find them or they wont be there!
I Hope This Helps Someone!

Wilf, if it’s the conversation with Rikku on the Celsius in Chapter 5 you missed, here’s how to get it.
Return from the farplane abyss and talk to Shinra. Talk to Buddy and Brother if your completion is over 70%, then go to the deck and see Brother talking to Cid. Then, if your completed score is over 80% go to the cabin where Cid will argue with Rikku and Brother. Then, once your completed score is above 95%, go to the deck. This is where the conversation with Rikku takes place.

can anyone tell me how to get episode complete in:
>kilika Island
>Djose Temple
>Moonflow(I heard that if you lose some of tobli’s luggage in chapter 1 mission you cant get 100% does anyone know if this is true?)
>Calm Lands
>mt. Gagazet

Do you have to do the publicity menu and bridal menu(Calm Lands) in every chapter or just sum of them?

A. For Kilika View the Comm Speares in Kilika Temple, Untill Barthello Yells DONA! and Breaks it. and also View Dona sleeping saying “Apologise” then when her Commspere is sent to the temple. watch Untill Barthello Yells DONA! and Breaks it. Again

Mt Gagazet - You’ll find the Ronso Kids in the Thunder Plains in chapter 3, send them to Kilika.

OK, I seem to not get past the “ramming” Fiend on level 5+ it changes. I seems I can’t Escape and it Ko’s the team in 3 hits. (1 each)

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