Help! Which of these games should I start next?

Well, with Suikoden IV you’ll just be watching the downfall of the series even more, so if you’re going to play that just to say you’ve played all the games in the series, I’d get it over with.

Phantom Brave is a cute little game. It kept me entertained for a while.

Hey, Evolution Worlds is an epic foray into a complex RPG Realm

snickers Sorry, I couldnt say that with a straight face.

GC doensnt have a lot of RPGs. They’ve been getting quite a few more recently, though.

Paper Mario
Tales of Symphonia

that may be, but Tales of Symphonia had a really cool story that younger people might have a hard time getting. unless i’m the only one who still cares about video game storylines…they don’t get any love anymore…;_;