Help! Which of these games should I start next?

I’m sitting on a pile of games dating about a year or so back. My problem is I have bought so many games at one time, so frequently, that now I have more than I can keep up with. So I have been slogging through each one one at a time. I’ve made some headway-I’ve gotten through about 7 in the last few months. Now then, which should I pick up next:

Paper Mario
Phantom Brave
MetalArms: Glitch in the System
Arc the Lad: Twilight of The Spirits
Tales of Symphonia
Sly 2
Metriod Prime
Suikoden IV

Disgaea or Paper Mario are your best bets.
I found both of them to be very enjoyable rather than terribly serious :slight_smile:

Metroid Prime.

I’d play Paper Mario if I were you. However, from this list, I only played Metroid Prime, ToS and Suiko IV. :stuck_out_tongue: Out of these three, I’d recommend ToS because, other than the fact that it is an interesting game, I haven’t played enough MP to judge and Suiko IV was very average.

Paper Mario or Metroid Prime.

You could probably play through Metriod Prime fairly quickly compared to the others. I’m going to suggest that one.

I’ve had MP for almost two years, and I’m still only like 45 minutes into it.

My suggestion from that list is paper mario, out of all of the games there that ive played i liked it the most.

and I have the same problem, i have roughly 10-20 games that i have played around half an hour into and never finished.

I’d suggest Disgaea or Phantom Brave, but make sure you have at least 80 hours to play them. They can be extremely addictive.

I got kinda burned out on La Pucelle. I didnt have the time, energy or patience to get into all that there was to do. I’m sort of afraid the same will happen with those. I do still want to play them though, cos gosh darn it, they just look so cute.

It’s the same with both, but Disgaea makes up for it with humor.

Arc the Lad, for sure…

Maybe you should start one of the longer games, and turn on Paper Mario every once in a while to keep yourself from burning out.

I picked up Disgaea. It’s pretty engaging so far. The battles go by quicker then in Pucelle. It doesnt seem to be quite as convoluted, though I havent looked into the item world yet. I like the idea of picking up another game once in a while, too.

I should say though, that LP’s story was really kinda touching. I did finish it though (and quite easily, no amount of item fusion can make up for good ol’ leveling up) but I just got tired of all the “other” stuff.

I’d say stay away from metroid, for some reason i dont like any of them :\

Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits is quite good. It deserves a little time at least.

What consoles are most of these games ?

PS2 of Gamecube.

Gamecube would have alot of cartoon"y" rpg’s wouldnt they ?

PS2 or Gamecube* = Typo in my last post.

Yes, the Gamecube has some RPG’s, most of which are cartoonish and not meant for a mature audience.