Help SG decide on his next review!

It has been three months since I’ve reviewed an RPG that isn’t Suikoden. Now that I’ve finished the entire series, I’m ready to move on. But, I’ve acquired a pretty hefty backlog.

So, here’s a list of games I have, along with games that I just want to review. Help me decide!

Games I’m most interested in playing/reviewing:

  1. Mass Effect: I bought this way back in January but I still have this strange apprehension towards giving it a try. I might, though.

  2. Phantasy Star (yes, as in the original one on SMS): I have a strange relationship with this game. I love it, I really do; but every time I try to play through it, I get halfway through and my save gets erased somehow. As much as I like the game, it’s really old, old school and not fun to start over again.

Games I’m indifferent about reviewing:

Front Mission 4: This series hasn’t been kind to me. I don’t expect this game to be all that good, but I’m kind of interested to see if this is the game that makes the 4-part body HP system not completely broken.

Culdcept Saga: I bought this a looooooong time ago when I first got an XBox. The strangest thing is that I remember liking it a lot when I played the demo, but I haven’t even opened this game yet.

Games I have, but I really don’t want to review:

Star Ocean 3: I bought this just so that I could someday write a review on the game that has one of the most bewildering plot twists in RPG history. But, many of the Suikoden games were not good, and I’m kind of tired of playing bad RPGs for a while.

Xenosaga: Just the same; I have it, but I’m less than thrilled by the idea of actually playing it.

BONUS: Recommend me any RPG from the Playstation era! I know I missed a lot of good games from there, but I can’t think of any. If you recommend one, you have to tell me something about it.


Beyond the Beyond? :smiley:

More seriously, Alundra maybe? (Do you have a list of what you already reviewed beside the Breath of Fire serie and Suidoken on PS1?)

I’ll do way better than that:

A. Here’s what I’ve beat & reviewed:

Breath of Fire 3
Breath of Fire 4
Front Mission 3
Langrisser 1 (PC version)
Langrisser 2 (SNES version)
Langrisser 5
Legend of Mana
SaGa Frontier
Suikoden 2

B. Here’s every other PSX game I’ve beaten, but not reviewed:

Brave Fencer Musashi
Castlevania: SotN
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy Tactics
Langrisser 4 (Saturn version)
Lunar: SSSC
Lunar 2: EBC
Parasite Eve
SaGa Frontier 2
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Vagrant Story
Wild Arms 2

C. Here’s some games I’ve tried out already and don’t like/have no interest in finishing:

Dragon Warrior 7 (actually, the game wasn’t bad, but I lost my save 60 hours in. fml)
Legend of Dragoon
Megaman Legends
Threads of Fate
Star Ocean 2

Three of the games I’m most interested in on PSX are Alundra, Koudelka, and Valkyrie Profile. But, I’m down for pretty much anything.

Mass Effect is an excellent KotoR style sci fi FPS-RPG. I heartily recommend it.

I think you should also complete and review Beyond the Beyond for the PS1. A more honest suggestion would be Vagrant Story.

edit: man, I can’t believe Zero suggested BtB. Have you ever played it or are you going by what I’ve said on it? Alundra is another horrifying PS1 era game. Its a Zelda/Soul Blazer clone with poor controls and puzzles.

I see you haven’t played Legend of Legaia for PS1. It’s a Xenogears style kung fu battle system ( minus the mechs). Its fun, hard as fuck though.

I noticed Wild ARMs 2 on your list, but not #1

#1 is a reallly good game. I promise you.

I’d be mean and insist on Xenosaga, but while I like its characters I can’t try to pretend they’re good games. You could skip ahead and do Episode III which, at least, has passable gameplay, but still a mediocre RPG. If you want, watch the cutscenes online and review them :stuck_out_tongue:

Wild ARMs 2 would be a nice one to review, if only to take me back. I haven’t played it in forever, even though it’s sitting right in front of me along with my other PSX/2 games. Wild ARMs, the original, is certainly worth playing though, but I think you’d need to have an original PSX for it. I’ve heard it’s kind of… wonky in PS2s.

I would recommend giving Mega Man Legends another shot. If the reason you didn’t like it was because it was too different from the rest of the franchise, try going into it with a fresh perspective. The turned out to be a lot more fun than I originally gave it credit for.

What about non PSX/2 stuff? Have you done the Paper Mario games? Tales of Symphonia? Nintendo represent or something?

I’d say try and do Star Ocean 3. It’s not really a bad game, but the story could be somewhat better. But it does has one of the better battle systems I’ve ever really played in a game. Although I think it has to have one of the worse VAs in a game. I mean the overall VA isn’t bad, but hearing this one voice just boggles my mind on how you could even cast somebody like that.

Also, what didn’t you like about SO2? I’m curious about that.

Other than that, maybe SotN or Tales of Destiny? I only mention ToD since I’ve been playing the PS2 remake (one of the better Tales games I’ve really enjoyed) and only played through some of the original.

Dragon Force. For the Saturn. It’s from the PSX era. It’s just not on the PSX. >.>

Try something from the Persona series. I know you have a big anti-boner for Atlus, but I promise you Persona is completely different.

I’d go with parasite eve myself. I just want to hear your take on it.

I never played BtB, only heard the spinechilling tales. Which is why I kind of want to see a full review on it, morbid curiosity.

But if not, Alundra remains my suggestion, even if some people don’t like it I thought it was ok at what it tried to do. Nothing amazing, but ok.

May the grace of Apris be with you!

Also, do Lunar SSSC.

How about The Granstream Saga (:ark:) instead of BtB, or to be more serious how about Growlanser since you don’t seem to let a lack of localization from stopping you from playing the game (and I’ve heard that it’s the best in the series).

Also I second MML since it’s the closest thing to a 3D Metroid game that’s both not Metroid and not a FPS. Or at least give MML2 a whirl since it fixes some of the problems from the first game (like the lack of a lock-on, or that weird shield thing, or other things I can’t think of since I only rented the game once a long time ago I and haven’t found it since (thank god I managed to beat it in that one time rental)).

Also is there any chance of seeing you try a SRT for this (since I would recommend one of them if you were game)?

parasite eve or ff7/8/9.
i’d like to seen reviews for them…

Granstream Saga is a terrible game, but its short and easy. Unlike BtB.

I vote for Culdcept and Phantasy Star, since I know very little about them.

Also, if you don’t want to review Xenosaga, I could do it for you. (But note I only played the first game, which does not stand by itself, it’s just part one of the story.)

And I played BTB as well- twice, in fact. Never got far either time. I have no idea what horrible tales you people mean; I just found it boring.

That would be because you didn’t get very far.

Vagrant Story or SaGa Frontier 2.

Well! I’m surprised at the response I got! And more surprised that a lot of people jumped on the train to have me review PSX games, heh.

Lemme respond to these. So far, the only game suggestions I’ve ruled out are Star Ocean/Tales games, Beyond the Beyond, and Wild Arms 2.

Beyond the Beyond

I already hate Golden Sun, which is supposed to be their SUPER GOOD RPG series. I’ve heard that enemies you can fight at the very beginning of BtB can wipe you out if you don’t stop and grind. Maybe when I’m ready to commit suicide, the last game I’ll ever review is this one.


This is one I’ve been interested in for a while. It’s funny, though; Alundra is a hit-or-miss game, but much more people seem to like it. In my experience on people discussing this game, about 95% of people love it, and 5% just hate it. I’m morbidly curious, mostly because with my luck I’m bound to be in the 5%.

Legend of Legaia

Holy crap, I forgot all about that game. I tried it once a long time ago and it seemed pretty good. Never really got started though. Good suggestion!

Wild Arms 1

I’ve been thinking about this one for a looooooong time. It’s the same thing as with Mass Effect; I’m reluctant to play it, but I can’t put my finger on why.

Wild Arms 2

I don’t know if I’d ever want to play this again, unless it got a re-release. The puzzles were cool, but the story was just such poorly-translated gibberish that I would frequently put it down for months at a time before I finally finished it. Also, the game was a bit on the stupidly easy side. I honestly think I would have found the gameplay forgivable if the story was comprehensible. This is why I’m secretly hoping for a re-release.

Mega Man Legends

I actually can’t remember why I didn’t like this game. It wasn’t terrible or anything, and I new it was an action RPG. Just something about it irked me, but it’s been so long I can’t remember what. Nontheless, I already own it, so it would be pretty easy for me to pick up and try again. I’ll think about it.

Star Ocean and Tales series in general

I seriously hate both of these. The story and writing is, to me, the epitome of generic anime-inspired JRPG crap; I can barely stand it. The combat is just downright mashy, and it’s even stupider that you can get away with it; I beat the final boss sequence in Tales of Destiny without even getting hit. To be honest, it was so hectic that I’m not even sure the last boss even attacked. This has the potential to make things comically easy, or frustratingly hard.

My problem with Star Ocean 2 was pretty much all those things, but I think what finally made me put it somewhere where I’d never find it again was this: There was a storyline event where all the characters split up, so I was left with just the main character (fyi, I chose Rena). Well, she was petrified when I walked into town. So, I went to the item shop, bought an item that cured petrify status, used it on her…and she died. Right then and there, in the middle of town. Fuck. That. Forget it!

The Tales series seems to be getting better with its combat, at least. Tales of the Abyss still felt pretty mashy, but it was the least so of every one I’d played (Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Legendia). I’m moderately interested in Tales of Vesperia, but I don’t think I want to try playing it without someone else.

Vagrant Story

I lost my copy of this game quite some time ago. I’ll think about finding it again, but if you want the abridged version of my review: I don’t remember the story. I liked the controls. The game seems hard at first, but becomes manageable when you learn to handle Risk Points (Points that go up as you do cool attacks; higher Risk = you take more damage). Overall I liked it. The combat reminds me of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but in real time.

Spoony Bard’s asking about Nintendo RPGs

To be honest, I just don’t know a lot of them. I didn’t like ToS, and I do own all three Paper Mario games. If you’re interested, I wrote a Super Paper Mario review years ago. I might do Paper Mario over the summer, but the Gamecube one is just too long; I might wait a while to replay that one. The only other Nintendo RPG I own from the post-SNES era (excepting handhelds) is Quest 64, which I found to be a lot better than most people say. It’s still not that good, though, lol!


Actually, I’ve been looking for Persona 4 for quite some time. If I found that, I probably would be trying it out right now; I’d been meaning to wait til summer to try it, but from the looks of things, I won’t find it.

Lunar SSSC

I might replay that. Here’s the abridged version: Fun, cute characters and interaction. Combat is a little slow, but I really enjoy the concept. Game is a bit grindey. I like the game.

Parasite Eve

Actually yeah, I really want to play this again, too.


You mean super robot wars, right? Hell. No. That aesthetic just makes me want to puke. I don’t think I could give it a fair review.

The Granstream Saga

I heard this was like a spiritual successor to the Heaven & Earth trilogy. …I also heard it was bad. …MAYBE.


This is really appealing to me, but I don’t know where I’d find it. Also, I’m not entirely sure if the text translation of Growlanser was ever finished. I did a review of Langrisser 5 because there was a complete text translation of the game (conversely, I never reviewed Langrisser 4, because only the first half of the game was translated).

Final Fantasy PSX games

It will be YEARS before anyone can ever convince me to play FF8 or 9 again. I wouldn’t mind playing FF7 or Tactics again, but I’ve lost my copy of FF7.

SaGa Frontier 2

… … …Actually. I’ve probably played this game enough times that I can review it cold, without even having to play through it again. Maybe I will just write a review of this. But, nontheless, I’m looking for a new game to play, too.

With the overwhelming majority of requests for PSX games, I think maybe I’ll make a summer out of playing these games. What I would really like to know about all these games you’ve suggested, is about how long it takes to get through each game without excessive grinding or doing any sidequests.