Help!!! Romancing Saga

I started playing this with the .10 patch from SaGa Translations. I am playing the noble’s scenario and are stuck already. I got stuck in the castle after beating the boss in the East cave, I am stuck in the castle. The guards block the enterance! There is no way out.

I was using the .4 patch on the Noble’s quest, but that patch actually prevented me from going past the gates in the beginning! The .1 patch might be causing a bug as well, but i’m not even sure!

There is next to NO info on the internet on RS! It is like nobody ever heard of it. There is no walkthrough, no Gamefaqs message board, no anything. And the rpg classics chat room is dead.

EDIT: Oh, it was a hidden exit, not a bug. Anyways, I got unstuck. Still, this kind of thing might happen again. anyone know any good info places for RS with a waklthrough or chat or something?

You can’t find a real walkthrough, but you can find some general descriptions of events and locations. Other than that, you’ll have to tinker. For example, I heard about a Kidnapped Princess event in one kingdom. I wandered the sewers below the town and voila! The princess about to be sacrificed to a skeleton mage cult thing. Romancing SaGa requires good old fashioned exploration to do most quests, which is hard when you’re essentially playing illiterate.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

There’s some questions I have that arent in Ajora’s FAQ
-How do I know how much damage my weapons do? In SaGa it could be based off agility or somethng
-How does the skill system work? Some people have skills but could use 0 amounts of them in battle! This one sword skill looked like a regular slash
-What is the deal with magic? I talked to the magic shop and everything is dark. Now at this “hell platau” place in a dungeon
-If you beat all the scenarios, do you get a surpise?

Wait I have an FAQ for Romancing Saga? Okay but I do know some of how Romancing SaGa works.

  1. You equip weapons. As you use a weapon it will gain levels as it were. Gain enough levels and the weapon may gain a new attack. Be warned that though a weapon may have a distance of two it can have a special attack that only has a distance of one for example. Eventually a weapon may look like this

Base Attack 10
Secondary 9
Third 4
Final 2

This means the base attack can be used ten times and the final attack two times. If you use the final attack once the base attack drops to five uses use. Further more say you have a second weapon equipped and use an attack from it. The amount of times you can use attacks from the first weapon drops. Also note if you unequip a weapon you will lose the levels for it. So don’t over level if you are only planning to use the spear you have until you can buy a new one.

  1. You have rows. Bows have the longest range. I forget how many panels. Spears are two panels even though some attacks are one panel only and Swords are one panel. So having each member with Sword or Spear and Bow could be good.

  2. Magic like SaGa Frontier has opposing types. I forget which type opposes which. But simply you buy spells mostly. I don’t know where to get major spells. As you use the spells your JP for that spell type increases. YES! Unlike weapons spells have their own separate JP as far as I can tell. I can use up all my magic one type and still have complete use of my magic of my other type.

  3. As you fight things level up. I believe your stats level up at random while your weapons and magic level up. Ie if water levels up. You get more JP to cast water spells. Obviously it is not exact JP in the traditional sense. It looks more like this as it were

Water Spell 1 40
Water Spell 2 20

And so on. And the same idea as with weapons applies. Except using up water spells only affects your water supply not any other supply of magic. And of course those are just example names, but that should be blatant.

  1. I more or less guessed my way through Aisha’s game and did things like fights enemies as it were and leveled up water magic due to a healing spell. Sorry it’s been so long since I played. Even then until it is translated I can’t be much help. And even then I have to relearn it.

Ummm, do you know if anything happens if you manage to beat the game with each of the characters? SaGa Frontier had a secret area at the end if you beat every single scenario.

Since I only managed by probably luck to beat Aisha’s quest. I’d I have no idea.


What character stat are weapon strength based off?

In SaGa 1-2, light weapons like Whips/Rapiers were based offf Agility, and weapons like Long Swords and Hammers were based off strength!

I have no clue.

Wait, why bother using two weapons? I would focus on just using one weapon in one hand, and a shield in the other. Also, I would focus on just using one sort of weapon. That way, you would just get really good at one category of weapon

In SaGa Frontier and Final Fantasy 2, I basically done that.

In RS, however, I think the weapon system goes by INDIVIDUAL WEAPONS, not categories. So I"m not totally sure.

Anywhow, it still sounds like a bad idea to use a weapon in each hand. Then again, I am pretty new to the RS game.

In RS1 you level up each weapon on its own. Ie let’s make up a name like Star Sword. Aisha equip the Star Sword and she levels up it eventually as she uses it. She gets it to say level 5. If she unequips it the Star Sword loses all of its levels. That’s as far as I can tell.

Would it be a good idea to focus on using one weapon at a time? Or, a weapon and a shield?

Personally, I’d primarily focus one long/short range weapon type with an opposite range weapon type as backup. For example, if you have your main character use swords, it would be a good idea to train him/or her in bows as well just in case you ever get ambushed. For the main weapon, I would get all four available weapons and fill the remaining two slots with the secondary weapon type. For example, your weapon list might end up looking something like this (assuming your character is pimped out with the best of each weapon type ^_^):



Ideally, you’ll want to get all four available weapons for the weapon type you’re focusing on because each weapon has a specific skill set linked to it (the unbelievably awesome 彗星剣 can only be learned via the ガーラルソード for example). The secondary long range weapon should be available in case you’re ambushed and wind up with your short range guy in the back row. You can always move him/her forward, but it’s easier just to break out your bow and start fighting right from the get go than waste two turns moving forward.

You could always use the long range skill 隼斬り if you have a sword user, but doing so will deplete your pool of skill points, so it’s best to stick with long range weapons.

PS: Do the 四天王 events. The items you get are pretty good :slight_smile:

PSII: Here are a few links to some handy Japanese Romancing SaGa sites. Obviously they’re all in Japanese, but perhaps you’ll still find them useful.

RPG Institute:

Romancing 虎の巣

☆Romancing SaGa☆

So I should give each character
-One short range
-One long range


At least, yeah. However, you can have six weapons equipped at a time and each category of weapon has four weapons available. My personal style is to equip as many (four if I can) of one type of weapon and fill the two remaining slots with my alternate weapon type. So I might have four different swords and two different bows. The only reason you would do that is so that you’d have as many different skills as possible. For example, all swords allow you to use 隼斬り, but only one sword will allow you to use 彗星剣. With all four swords equipped, you can use any sword skill available, but if you limit yourself to a single sword, you reduce the number of skills that you can use by a substantial amount.

I’m guessing it would be a good idea for each person to use a different category

That’s an option. Spears are good main focus for second row characters, bows for third row characters and any short range weapon is solid for first row characters. I still prefer my alternate weapon to be bows though. They can be used from any range, so if you get ambushed you don’t have to adjust your party’s formation.

Thanks. I’m starting to figure this game out