Help, please?

Hey everyone, something has come up, and I don’t know how to take care of it.

Okay, so exams are this week, and today there was an exam at 10:30 AM. However, due to my misreading, I misread the date as one farther down the exam schedule page that said Wednesday. So to make a long story short, the exam was right now, and I have no money or bus tickets to get there, with no contacts to drive me there. And even if I did, I’m not too well prepared for it.

So my question is this; do colleges have an exam rewrite policy? I remember this happened in high school, and I merely submitted a doctor’s note indicating I was sick that day, and I was given a second chance. Is there anything I can do about this?

Please, if you can help in any way, I’d greatly appreciate it… if I fail even 1 class this semester, I’m out of school for a year. 8(

How would any of us know your specific college’s rewrite policy? Call the registrar’s office ASAP and see if you can reschedule, e-mail/call your prof, do what it takes.

Usually if you can provide a doctor’s note they’ll let you retake the exam (at least in the universities I’ve gone to). However, you’d have to either forge one or get an unscrupulous doctor to give one. ;_; And not all colleges are lenient about it. You’d really have to look up the policies for your particular college (usually they have a website that has that kind of information).

Thanks, that’s the best place to start… I have to gather some info. 8)

The first thing you should do is get in touch with your professor, to let him/her know what happened and that you want to take the final.

I hope the prof knows you well, maybe he’ll believe that you missed the date. Seriously, like Curtis, said get a hold of the prof ASAP.

Yikes, two people close to quitting school, Dalton and my best friend. He’s in grad school and totally fucked up on his final, I don’t know how it turned out but if he fails that test, he’s gong to be kicked out of grad school :too bad;

Best of luck Dalton.

Injure yourself, FAST. You want to make it believeable you were unable to get to the class. I know a girl who got in a car accident and couldn’t see shit on top of a variety of injuries because of an airbag and she was getting shit from some of her profs.

Ack!! I hope you find someway to make it up most colleges do let you make it up if sick/injured. Maybe your prof is nice and will believe and let you take it. If you can’t find out anything certian go with Sin’s advice.

Dalton: Hopefully, you’re dealing with a professor that is reasonable.

Sinistral: That idea verges on crazy.

Completely off topic: I can hear construction equipment not too far away that sounds very much like giant bedsprings.

Your best bet Dalton is to talk to your professor, in person if possible. Basically, beg them to give you a second chance to take the exam, especially since it was your responsibility to get there at the right time. Explaining you’ll be thrown out of school if you fail may help. Don’t bother trying to weasel out of it. Tell the truth, and if your professor is lenient you’ll get a second chance.

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Sinistral: That idea verges on crazy.

You do know that’s Sin talking don’t you? :hahaha;

Man Dalton… I could’ve drove you to school if you messaged me or sumthin’ man. Btw, the Economics exam is today… I wonder if I’ll be seein’ you in the gym.

What Sin said. Injure yourself, get a doctor’s note for it, saying you’re missing an exam because of it. Then give the note to your prof.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
What Sin said. Injure yourself, get a doctor’s note for it, saying you’re missing an exam because of it. Then give the note to your prof.

Seems a bit masochistic, but it works.

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You do know that’s Sin talking don’t you? :hahaha;

So you’re saying that he’s regularly crazy and/or masochistic? He’s seemed perfectly rational in most of his posts that I’ve read.

Yes. Yes, he is.

This thread produced interesting comments. And as crazy as some the things I say sound, my statements have rational roots.

So watcha do, Dalton?

I don’t know if “being honest” is gonna cut it. Like everybody said, unless you know the prof personally, he’s most likely not going to be fazed by your story, since he probably gets alot. Look on your syllabus for his particular policy though… And I would go with the doctor thing, though I don’t know what the most effective and least painful way to “hurt yourself” would be. :\

kill yourself, michael, its the only way!

So far, I left the guy a voice mail, hoping he’ll answer (the staff at the school said they’d remind him). The guy is pretty old and a little absentminded, though. I don’t know him too well, but he’s very kind. 8)

Wish me luck, everyone. And thanks a lot for all the helpful suggestions (even the kill yourself and hurt yourself ones!)