Help on Queen of Cards quest (FF VIII)

I need Help…

I’m trying to do the Queen of cards Quest, but I can’t make her to move to another city, she’s still and Balamb. I heard you have to win her a rare card, but she doesn’t have any! And the other way is loosing a rare card to her, but if I do that, Am I gonna loose that card forever?

No, you can always win your cards back from her.

Ok, got it… thanks. Then, I basically have to follow her wherever she goes, and loose to her a card that she request or something.

Actually you only need to lose, a few set cards to her. That way when she is in Dollet, her father will make the new ones. I can’t remember which ones you need to lose though.

Just keep sending her back between Balamb and Dollet. That way you don’t have to chase her, and you can easily get the new cards.

And then play her son, to get the rare cards back again. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the help. But what piss me off is that Dollet has this Region rule that is RANDOM, you don’t choose your cards, you gotta be sooo lucky for the card, that she requests, to appear…

And who’s her son? He’s in Dollet, right?

You better save. There’s a point in the Pub in the same room as her.
It’s her brother, not her son. He lives in the artist’s house.

Also, there are ways of making that “RANDOM” rule going away. Or at least minimizing it.

Use Card Mod to get rid of you common cards (so they won’t be picked by the random rule) so that that way, no matter what, your rare cards will have to be picked no matter what.


Eliminate the Random Rule. I think there’s a guide on the shrine here. Game Faqs has one. I think we do too. Read that closely.

Sorry, I was told it was her son, but whatever, he is who you can win the cards back from.

The guide that Kaiser mentioned is very useful. If you follow it exactly, or at least as close as you can. It is the one by “Sister”, called “Card Game FAQ/Walthrough”. Hope it helps.