Help on FF2

Im about to go in the dregnaunt on FF2.

I went in once and got the first floor items and about got my butt kicked in the process.

Does anyone have any helpful sugestions?


About what levels should you have your magics at by this time?
Cuz im getting my butt kicked in the magic dept as all mine are mostly lv1 and like 3 are lv 2.

Nah don’t use magic at all during this game except for cure it’s very tedious but still level up fire, bolt, and ice too only up to level 3 or 5 other than that don’t bother too much you’ll only need magic if you run into puddings.

As for me I had all my characters up to over 3000 HP before heading into the dreadnaught plus my weapon levels were up to level 10 with the default weapons. Heh after all I destroyed the Hill Gigas when trying to get the ice shield and at my strength during that time it was a very tough battle, but since Firion had the crescent equipped the Hill Gigas didn’t have a chance.

Oh and one thing DON’T talk to anyone, besides the princess and cid if you do you’ll have to fight captains and your butt will surely be kicked then.

Also I thought I might explain why you shouldn’t use magic much

Yes there are essential spells that you’ll need, but most of the enemies in the game can be taken out by most physical attacks and since magic users go last you may not even be able to up their MP that much. That’s why you should stick to fighting with weapons and level up cure as high as you can plus level up only the elemental spells fire, bolt, and ice because these will be useful to you.

Also you’ll get plenty of items that can cast very powerful spells such as Haste 11 or Aero 16 so really you won’t need it all too much. Also I would avoid buying status effect scrolls and sell the ones that you get in battle. They’re just a waste but here’s the thing to remember buy Holy and Flare or just find Flare in chests that’s the way to go and you only need three since you’ll be giving one to Firion, Maria, and Gus but as I said don’t bother leveling those up either. Heck one of the last bosses attacks is Flare 16 and it doesn’t do very much damage at all. So that’s why

Oh and don’t forget to de equip your fourth character near the end of their scenario. Because you’ll be wanting that armor for the next fourth character. Also when you get your last fourch character don’t bother buying magic for him for then you’d have to spend hours leveling up his magic to mirror your other characters and as I said that’s tedious.

Well that’s all the help I can give, if you need more consult for help

Actually, Magic is good. Other good ones to use include Life, Esuna, and the 4 elemental spells. Yes, even Poison. I almost got my ass kicked inside out by Thunder Gigas because my Poison spell was only Level 3.

And I once talked to a Captian in there, and killed him without too much trouble…well…not really, but I still beat him. And no, you don’t get anything, and the guy still lives.

Still, tediousness is good in the end.

well at the end of my game the magic levels I had was

Life, Esuna, Haste, Flare, Holy, Ultima at level 1

Bolt, Fire, and Ice at Level 3

Cure at level 14

In that game, I actually wasted time levelling up my Ultima.

Needless to say I kicked the Paramekian/Palumecian Emperor’s arse to the next dimension.

'Course, the blood swords helped too… mwahahahah!

Blood swords are the key to kicking the emperor’s arse six ways from sunday but you should also have a few Bucchus wine’s as well as a Haste 11 spell or at least use one turn to Haste your characters.

Originally posted by Aethos
Well that’s all the help I can give, if you need more consult for help
There is a site attached to these forums…

yeah I used their FAQs and those worked for me, although never join their message boards. They’re worse than a few other associated message boards ::coughcoughpojocoughcough::