Help on a Chocobo graph loction.

Hi, I need help on FF9.

I need to no where to make chocobo dig on the chocobo graph location: Green Plains.

I have dug everywhere, but to no avail.

So, can any one of can help me?

Oh, and I’m new here.

So I like to say HI.


That’s a map, I would help you had I not completed/sold FFIX about a here ago.

Damn! Beat me to it.


It might make more sense to link to the one featured on this site. But nooooo…

Cid is right, this site has a much better Chocograph map. Plus to reach that Chocograph, you will need a Mountain (red) chocobo So if you have not got that yet, find a different one first.

Anyway, I bid you welcome from the Gates of Heaven