Help needed!

Okay, before I ask this, I’d just like to request that nobody flame the person in question :stuck_out_tongue: These are only suspicions, not definite accusations.

Since this is RPGClassics, I was wondering if someone might be able to identify if the characters in this person’s gallery are official character art for a game. I don’t recognise them but the way they seem pasted onto backgrounds has aroused a lot of suspicion in the art theft community I’m part of, especially in the first pic - she has a lot of white around her figure, suggesting she’s been cut from something else.

Many thanks in advance if you can help!

The <i>artwork</i> is excellently detailed and tastefully coloured, but the maker of that account is one sad, pathetic individual. I can’t identify the game that artwork is from, though…

Either That guy is leaking a future or Rare game art work Pictures out or he is extremally good.

Big Nutter
The White “Halo” on mage can be produced my incorrect order of opration photoshop tools as well as .


Ask for the work-in-progress sketches under some fawning excuse. That’ll answer your question better than perusing websites.

Excellent idea.

I thought it looked like some of the classes from Shining Soul 2 for GBA.

We got him X3

I knew he was suspicious. Thanks for the help, guys!