FINALLY! My work schedule has lightened up! I think I can afford to go back to writing! :victoly:

For a long time now, I’ve had this desire to write the “Ultimate” Final Fantasy Fanfic… that is, one set in a World where ALL the FF characters and concepts co-exist! (Games only, tho- no cartoons or movies.) Now, that doesn’t mean I will use ALL of them -at least, not in one story- but they will ALL be part of this world.

Of course, I’ll HAVE to make some changes. Some of the games depend on certain situations that would clash against the others’. For example, some of these worlds were mainly medieval, others mostly modern. But that’s part of the fun- deciding on a middle ground, then deciding how it affects the characters.

I have not decided YET if I’ll do it. I’m good at writing multiple-character stories, but this might be too hard- or, may just not have the right chemistry. I need to decide that first.

So THAT is what this thread is for. I want to hear your opinions: Is this a good idea? Could it work? Who and what should I use?

OK, here’s my plan:

-First, I will decide what lands I should use. I need places that are IMPORTANT in their games. Places like Midgard or Bevelle. Not every little city or village.

-Then, which races would be prominent in this combined world.

-Most importantly, I need to decide who are the major forces in this world- what nations or groups have the power? (Galbadia, Shinra and Bevelle are good examples!)

-Finally, I need to decide WHICH characters to use! And HOW their lives would be different. Would they have the same “Jobs”? Will they have relationships with characters from the OTHER games?

Please note that I plan to write using LOGIC. There will be NO favoritism, not even for me. I’ll use the characters that MAKE SENSE to be used. For example, Yuna is a major figure in the Yevon church, so likely she’ll be used. Umaro, on the other hand, is a Yeti living in an ice cave- not likely to get involved.

So, what do you think? Let me hear your ideas!

I like your thinking, dude. This could be awesome…I KNOW you’re an excellent writer.

Unfortunately, it’s almost 4 AM in my timezone and I’m too wiped to give this any real thought. Let me get back to you tommorow or something. :wink:

Personally (because I’m biased lol) I think Summoners have to be in there, as well as the garden variety knight (Tidus, Squall, Cloud… even Cecil from FFIV)
You may have to limit your number of characters to perhaps the most prominent from however many games you use… too many characters can get pretty confusing, although in this case it might not be so bad… Probably the majority of the people who read it will have played the various games, making remembering names very easy.

Eek, it’s 3 in the morning. I’m going to follow GG’s example and head for the bed.
Take care!

It is a very good idea Wil, and knowing your writing abilities it should turn out prettty good too.

One thouhgt I came up with, that if you are planning on having some of the more modern qualities, from 7 or 8, you could put them on a seperate continent, from the medieval ones. And have the characters come over to these other continents or something. Which would be a plausable way to mix the modern and medieval worlds.

Anyway good luck writing this.

It’s OK dudes, get back to me after you’ve slept on it.

(Btw, Elysial, you have something on your tongue. Eh? A PIERCING?? Um, never mind. :eek: )

OK, let’s take a look at the individual games, and see what I should use from each:

WARNING, this might contain SPOILERS to some of the games. Don’t read about the games you haven’t played yet, unless you don’t mind.

FF1: Not much here… maybe I’ll use Garland. But there’s ANOTHER Garland (in FF9) so it may be confusing.
I’ll DEFINITELY use the Four Elemental Fiends. Goes with the Four Elements theme of several of the games. (But, as with Garland: WHICH version to use?)

FF2: Only major thing here is the Paramekia empire. Hmm… should I make it the same as the Empire in FF6?

FF3: In this game, the Four Crystals are sentient. Should I use that?
The Floating Continent is a good idea… How about the Onion Kids? he he

FF4: I LOVE the idea of the Moon being a Starship! But, it might not be terribly important to the story.
The Summons have their own land here, below ground. I like the idea- but not sure if it should be underground, I like the Farplane (FFX, X2) better. (Another thing, I must decide the nature (and name) of the Summons, there are several different versions. How common summoners are is also important.
I do NOT like the idea of the Black Crystals. Doesn’t make sense, and it takes away from their uniqueness.
The Colossus was cool!

FF5: TWO worlds? Might be too complicated… tho’ the Legend of Creation makes sense. And the Void makes for a TRULY Ultimate Menace!
I like the fact that the Crystals are the source for EVERYTHING, from the characters’ Jobs to the natural forces of the world.
I like the Legend of the Twelve Warriors, and how they left their powers and weapons for future generations.

FF6: This game provides an origin for the Espers (summons). I don’t much like it, but if there’s nothing else… Some of the Espers have moving stories, on the other hand. Should I have them become magicite when they die?
Again, we have the idea of hidden villages with special powers. But that makes magic a rare thing, which clashes with the other games.
Gesthal and Kefka make great villains! And I like the Magitek Machines!
Terra’s relationship to the Summons makes her an important character.
Note: The whole “ravaging of the world” thing does NOT need to happen in my story. We’ll see…

FFMystic Quest: Hmm, nothing important that I can think of. Suggestions?

FF7: Jenova is an insidious force. Definitely usable. IF someone finds her.
The WEAPONS are classic monsters… not to mention that they provide an origin for Ultima and Omega.
The Cetra could fill the place of that Ancient Civilization mentioned in many of the games.
Shinra is insidious AND important as an energy provider. They wouldn’t have as much power as in FF7, however, what with all the non-tech nations and/or strong rulers from other games. But they would still be an ecological menace.
Which means AVALANCHE would also exist. But would Cloud be part? Would he ever meet Aeris? (that was an accident, remember?)
Sephiroth’s presence would depend on Jenova’s.
The Gold Saucer is not really THAT important… but it would be a GREAT place for characters to meet!

FF Tactics: The problem here is: WHEN did these events happen? The game makes it sound they happened centuries ago. Still, since this would be a combination Medieval/Modern world, we COULD make them contemporary… but should I bother? FFT was confusing and not really that important… except for the Zodiac Stones (and the Lucavi demons attach to them.)

Need to cut here, will be back to analyze more games later.

I can’t think of a good way to include FFMQ, but if nothing else you should chuck in a few referances to it.

You’re definately getting some great ideas…I never played much of FF3, but sentient crystals? That might be interesting.

I would LOVE to see FF1’s Garland included, if only so I can hear him yell about how he would knock everyone down.

You also can’t not include Kefka…he is teh greatest FF villain EVAR. Hell…maybe you’ll get a chance to finnaly settle the “Kefka vs. Sephiroth” debate. (Of course, you KNOW Kefka would take that long-haired momma’s boy to school.)

Are you incorporating anything important from FF8? If nothing else, give someone a gunblade. Gunblades were awesome. :slight_smile:

Thats all for now…more to come when/if I think of it.

This sure sounds like an ambitious project! I hope you have lots of fun with it!

It would be interesting if the evil governments (from games like 6 and 7) were alligned, possibly forging alliances between their respective rebel groups. There’s also the question of where in each game’s timeline you’re starting. For example, if you include Celes form FF6, is she one of the Empire’s generals, or a member of the Returners.

I look forward to seeing it if you do decide to go ahead with it! It sounds really interesting!

I’m a major FF8 fan, but of course I love just about all of 'em. As you said, probably Galbadia/Bevelle would be a good mix (I’m working on something similar, though far less expansive than yours), and FF6 naturally provides some awesome origin material if necessary.
In any case, your writing is awesome, and I would imagine that such a project would be a huge epic (I love epics), so I look forward to seeing what comes of this. Good luck.

What about all the games that had ff smacked in the title like final fantasy adventure and final fantasy legends although technicly secret of mana and saga games they are “final fantasy” games too. AND YOU SO CANNOT NOT USE fighter blackmage redmage whitemage blackbelt and thief. They just rock. I LIKE SWORDS I LIKE SWORDS I LIKE SWORDS. um hmm. also how would you work junctioning/materia/magicite/buyingspells/learningspellsnaturally/learningspellsfromitems. ANd although ffXI doesn’t have much for plot it has many different worlds with distinct history which should probably be used.

He’s not making a video game, so playability mechanics wouldn’t be an issue, methinks.

Exellant idea Wil. I’d have to say Galbadia and Bevelle would definatly be a good mix. For FF 8 characters I mostly say the main three Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer for obvious reasons and Sephiroth would really be interesting.

i think your fanfic is a grand idea. :’)

that is as long as cait sith makes an apperance… hint hint. :moogle:

I must say, from FFMQ, you could probabvly work in the Dark King somehow, sine he was a good villain, methinks. Although the Focus Tower and Tower of babel are a bit too similar, if you ask me…

And for the elementals, you DEFINITELY have to use Rubicant, and the others. God, I lvoe that guy.

And now for the Devil’s Advocate to make his entrance! Mwahahaaaaah!

Are you doing this because you have an actual good idea that could merge everything into a coherent tale, or are you doing it because you simply can? I tried writing a humour story once, just to test whether I could and not for any real purpose, and it quickly fell apart.

Anyone, I don’t know what my point is. If I were you though I’d make sure you knew where this thing was going before you start it. I’ll go burn in fanfiction hell now.

Wow. I didn’t realize so many people had such faith in my writing skills! Thank you. If I decide to do this, I’ll certainly give it my best!
BTW, remember: if I can make this story work, I’ll definitely make sequels, so, if you don’t see your fave character in it, they might show up later.

JadeDixon: You have an excellent point, in that determining where in the characters’ lives the story takes place is important, too. But let’s get the basics out of the way first. Then I’ll decide individually.

Videospirit: No, only games that were originally intended to be FF games will be included: FF1-11, plus MQ, CC, Tactics and Tactics advance.
About FF1’s characters… well, I dunno. They weren’t REALLY characters. No names or backgrounds. (Same with FF3’s.)
ON THE OTHER HAND, I could always throw them in as a joke. You know, something like this: “The heroes enter a bar to eat and rest. But, they noticed a commotion in another table, where a Red Mage was arguing with a Fighter, A Black Mage was hitting on a White Mage, and a Thief was trying to pick a Blackbelt’s pocket”. :hahaha;
And yeah, I HAVE to decide the exact nature of magic, too. (Right now, I’m inclined to just give everyone basic Jobs. So that means, the characters from those games that had no official Jobs would HAVE to get them now. Hmm… What would Yuna look like with a horn on her head?) :mwahaha:

Aldred: No, I will not bother with ALL play mechanics. Spells are one thing, but I’m not going to stop to think, “Can they run from a fight?” or things like that. Like you said, it’s a story, not a game!

Caith and Val: I love Rubicant and Cait, too! BUT, remember, I said I would play NO favorites. I’ll use whoever makes sense. Rubi is more likely to have a role than Cait… but again, I might throw him in cameo!

Pierson: Yes, I actually have a plot already. BUT, as I said, I’m NOT going to get into this until I determine if it can work (and if it’s not TOO hard even for me!) So, criticisms are welcome, too!

Back later tonight with part 2 of my Game Analysis.

Wil Have I ever told you how much you rock? Your like my rolemodel. and they aren’t refered to as a blackbelt his name is blackbelt and don’t you ferget it. kerpow.

We believe you can pull it of Will that I’m sure many of us believe.

Now I have to say that maybe incorporating FF Tactics might be i little too much,I’m not saying it’s not possible but right now i can’t see it incorporating to the story,but maybe it’s just that im not giving it enought thought.

I like the idea of not incorporating all of the characters of each game but giving them cameos,it would be less confusing and allows for more character development.

Of course we believe in you. Like Video said, you rock.

I’m all for it. Lord knows I couldn’t come up with a concept quite as good as yours. I like where you’re going with the villain thing, except for some reason I like Kefka’s insanity, but the clown look thing always made me give him an evil eye, and I never really liked FF7, so Sephiroth never struck a chord with me. FF6 has a mess of relevant characters, so have fun with all of them if you’re gonna use them, esp. Terra and Celes (since Celes ends up with Locke, I’d have her as a heroine.) My faves are FF4 and 6 so those games have the only characters I really know about very well. The rest of them I have some faint understanding. Good luck on your fic and it’ll all come to you at the right time. When I get outta basic, I’ll be fresh with ideas for my own fics.

OK, continuining the FF game analysis:

FF8: Galbadia would not be the most advanced nation in the world, but they have NUCLEAR MISSILES. Can’t ignore that!
Esthar DOES have better technology. BUT, they’re hidden from the rest of the world. Still, the other nations MUST be worried about it.
I never liked the idea of schools for mercenaries- “Hey, let’s train kids to kill people!”- BUT, I can’t ignore them either. The SeeDs would likely be hired by several groups. And the “Moving Gardens” was a cool idea!
Note that the whole “amnesia” bit might NOT happen in my story, depending on whether I go for the “sticking Summons in people’s minds” bit or not. Never really made much sense to me.
Time travel- gives me- HEADACHES. But again, you just CANNOT ignore that a person who can send others back in time, would be highly sought by… EVERYBODY!
Edea: as a villain or a hero? Decisions, decisions…

FF9: Ok, I admit it, I never fully understood the Terrans’ plan. Too powerful to ignore, however. As in FF4, having people behind the scenes manipulating nations into war fits in well with all the power-hungry nations that will coexist in my FF world. Note however, that summoners would not be a unique race, and neither would black mages.

FFX: Big problem here: I can’t have Syn on the loose. Even every ten years, it would not allow civilization to raise very high. Either it never existed, or it was destroyed long ago (by the 12 Legendary Heroes, maybe?) Either way, this would mean very different lives for the X characters. (Which might be cool, btw.)
Blitzball would still be popular, however.
The Aeon version of the Summons, so far, is my favorite- they come from another plane, and STAY to fight for awhile!
The Church of Yevon would be a powerful influence. It’s anti-technological doctrine might explain why some nations are so “backwards” in this composite world. (Note Bevelle, with its summoners, would STILL be a major nation!)

FF Tactics Advance: Another problem: Is this world real, or the creation of children from Earth? I think it would be better to just say: Earth exists, but in another plane, and the FFTA characters just crossed into this world. Still, the book “Final Fantasy” might still be valuable as a reality-bending tool.
I wouldn’t want to bother with the whole “Rules and Judges” thing though.
The races MUST be included (especially since they exist in FF12, too). I wouldn’t give them race-specific Jobs- I prefer the FF11 way, that is, every race can be any Job.

FF11: This game shows more interference from the gods than any other (except for FF6). I like the original deities, althought I find some of the legends iffy. (The races were created from a goddess’ tears? O-kaaay…) The Beastmen, thought, are too important a menace to ignore. (BTW, this game gives an ORIGIN for the Tonberrys! Finally! I always wondered what THEY were all about…)
More races introduced here; must decide which are the dominant ones. (AFTER Humans, natch!)
Airships are common? YEAH!
Nations actually have EMBASSIES on each other here! Possible, but something tells me that won’t last in MY world…
This game confirms multi-classed characters ARE possible. That’s good news for characters from games like FF9.

FFX2: The game’s ultimate weapon would be too important to ignore- EXCEPT it’s hidden and forgotten. Hmm… people who can find secrets are becoming more and more important here…
Spherehunting would be very important. Dresspheres allow instant Job changes; Record Spheres would certainly be valued for their ancient secrets. Heey, maybe THAT is how some of the secrets mentioned so far are found out!
Speaking of spheres, WHAT happened to the Skill-granting spheres from X- or all the skills the FFX heroes learned from them!? (Geez, you give heroes two years off and they forget EVERYTHING!) :noway:
This game also gave us a look at Cactuar culture that I rather like.
The Al Bhed would be active on the non-medieval nations.

FF Crystal Chronicles: Don’t know much about it yet, but so far it doesn’t appear to have much to offer. The Mist would be too disruptive for the combined world. And I think there are no main characters. At most, I would add the new races.

Ok, I must now chew on these facts. Feel free to post more opinions.