Help me test my flash please

Freewebs because I’m not paying for hosting for a site that’s not launching for almost a year. :moogle:

If freewebs blocks the link try

If you don’t see anything check to make sure you have Flash Player 8 installed. I just started learning flash about four days ago and want to make sure my first project actually works (works for me, but you know how that goes - I can’t test it on any of the other computers here as they all only have Flash Player 6 installed and I don’t have admin access to update it)

Thanks in advance!

It works fine in Opera.

Works for me too. Your blue link in the top left of the start screen doesn’t work, but aside from that its fine.

The blue link doesn’t work because it points at a different domain than the SWF file is on… shouldn’t be a problem in the future.

Thanks everyone!