Help me please...

I know it’s not a sprite but I was wondering if there was any way to make the picture in my sig transparent. Paint doesn’t seem to want to make it transparent.

I’m sure I could figure out a way to make it better, but you didn’t ask for high quality…

If you ever need pics edited or made, private message me, i’m online almost all of the time, and I am one of, if not the best photoshopper around. If I do say so myself.

edit:actually that shows up quite nicely.

ooooooh damn, i’m the man!

Wow Charl, you bloody ROCK

Good shit :slight_smile:

oh crikey, it was nothing, though it is ripper, Thanks, mate

Are you mocking me, because I’m aussie?


ack! crikey! I betta go throw another shrimp on the barbie! Tell me, steve, mate, matey, do you live in a land down under? where women glow and men plunder?

Listen MATE, I’m still a little heart broken, as a dingo ate me baby!
Leave me be, or me pet Dingo’ll bite ya nads off, and me Koala’s Claws’ll rip ya to pieces, hopfully several of them.

Wow Charl. That rocks.

No worries, mate,

throws a wombat at RUD, then hops in his kangaroo to escape

That is a nice edit. Lu Bu does fucking rock. I beat almost all of Dynasty Warriors II with him.