Help me please

I downloaded the emulator ZSNES recently and can play Breath of Fire, but how do I savethe game? Ive tried but it does not seem to save, could someone tell me how?

If you mean saving states, F2 saves a state in the currently selected slot (ranges from 0 to 9, default is 0), F3 allows you to change the currently selected slot, and F4 loads a state. Otherwise wait until someone who’s played it comes and tells.

okay thanks I’ll try that

I seem to recall when playing BoFII on ZSNES that for some reason the in-game save doesn’t work. Stick to those savestates.

I used Snes9x when playing so I don’t know about the trouble RPT mentioned, but the regular in-game saved is in the dragon statues. Just find one in a city, talk to it and ask to save the game.

The in-game save works, just make sure that you’ve configured a save path.

I never had to do that, TD, and regular saves work fine for me.

Yeah, it should automatically have done so already.

In Snes9x it saves without problems. Btw the way BoFII incapacitates Bow for so long in the middle of the game is annoying.