Help me pick a DVD

So, because someone at Funimation screwed up with one of their Limited Edition releases, I’m getting a free (well, more like $7, since that’s how much more the LE cost) DVD.

Following is the list of DVDs to choose from:
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki - Volume 02
Black Cat - Volume 01
Rumbling Hearts - Volume 01
Kodocha - Volume 07, 08, 09, or 10
Basilisk - Volume 02 or 03
Trinity Blood - Volume 02 or 03
MoonPhase - Volume 02 or 03
Full Metal Panic! TSR - Volume 01 or 02
Solty Rei - Volume 01
Full Metal Alchemist - Volume 11 or 12
Baki the Grappler - Volume 08, 09, or 10
Samurai 7 - Volume 07
Case Closed - Season 01, Volume 03 or 04
Case Closed - Season 02 - Volume 01

Now, I already have all of MoonPhase (preordered at least) and Samurai 7, so they’re out. I’ve seen an episode of Baki, and have no interest in more of that. FMP!TSR doesn’t appeal to me as much as the other FMP! series, so I think I’ll pass on that, too. I like FMA and Kodocha, but have none of the other DVDs of either series and don’t feel like shelling out the money for them right now, although I think some volumes of Kodocha can stand alone, but I don’t know which.

Any suggestions?

…then why did you include them in your list?

My vote goes for one of the Case Closed DVDs.

I second Case Closed.
With gusto.

Out of those that I’ve seen that you haven’t shot down already, I’d pick a Case Closed DVD. It’s more episodic in nature anyway (yes, there’s a main plot, but with the series’ length it gets only cursory attention at times), so those can stand alone a bit easier. I seriously love that show and wish it was still on CN, and I want to get some DVDs so that I can hear the original voice work.

In other news, I was surprised that the Samurai 7 special editions are the same price as the regular releases at Best Buy. There looks to be a lot of stuff in those boxes!

Anyway, Case Closed. I likes. :smiley:

Case Closed, no contest.

I wouldn’t get Black Cat. The first 4 episodes this DVD includes (according to Amazon) set up the characters, so you won’t get much bang for your buck.

Yeah, definately Case Closed. I need to buy those myself…

Rumbling Hearts

FMA, FMP or Pani Poni Dash.

This thread reminded me that I was meaning to sell my Tenchi set…
Let us know which one you choose!

I like trinity blood

Originally Posted by vanguard Ziggy
I like trinity blood

I also TB to be hilairious as well however if you want something that’s good (or at least worth watching more than once) I would recommend FMA, Case Closed, or anything else that isn’t TB. (Maybe not Baki or Tenchi though)

I’m going with Case Closed, as it has the most votes.

Dragons Revenge, PPD wasn’t one of the choices I was offered, but thinks for playing.