Help me out D:

Does anyone have a spare PS2 laying around? Or maybe a broken one? I need the eject cable assembly ribbon…the ribbon cable that runs from the upper right of the mainboard to the eject and reset buttons on the case.

If you need help finding the cable i mean, i can help you.

You will be compensated if you give me this cable.

<a href=“”>Here is a pic.</a>

sorry, but mine is still working, but when it breaks i could give you mine.

If you’re real desperate you can assault your PC’s CD drive for it.

I think you’d better search for some (preferentially authorized) technical assistance near you. It’s easier than finding a cable donor.

I got a broken PS2 in my bedroom, and I open it constantly trying to fix it. I can get the ribbon cord with the Reset/Open button on it if you want. But I live in Canada.

Ren: All i need to do is plug it in.

Setz: Fuck yes. Check your PMs.

Wish I could help.
Alas, my PS2 amazingly somehow has not broken.

However, it’s getting there.
Which is why I put more time into my other consoles.

I’d send you mine, but not after I spent $93 to get my PS2 fixed after I dropped it and did without my anime for two weeks. :frowning:

Or my video games. I never remember the video games… >.>

I didn’t recieve a private message (yet). But in the mean time, I’ll assault my PS2 and remove the thing. The ribbon might be damaged however. The eject button doesn’t work, but the power button does; I don’t know if that has anything to do with the ribbon.

Yea, i said that, then never sent it.

Anyway, as long as the power button works.

Sent now.

This is it, right?

edit; You can have it for free without compensation given to me. I just have this busted up PS2 in my room collecting dust, so really, if you took this piece; it’d not make a difference at all. However, sending an envelope with your address would be good.

Hey, if you’re giving parts for free, send me the rest of carcass XD

If you send a parcel with stamps and shit, I will.