Help me identify this song I wrote! D:

Okay, there’s this song that’s been more or less stuck in my head, so I got a translation patch for OrgMaker (used to make the music in Cave Story) and banged it out, basically. It could be just that it’s made of extremely generic stuff, but I dunno … it seems just so hauntingly familiar. Possibly like how Paul McCartney came up with “Yesterday”, but still …

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Learn internet, charle.

Use putfile, Yar. it’s much easier to work with and you don’t have to sit around and wait for the download.
Plus it’s embedded <3 (I’m downloading it now)

After listening, it has a widely used drum beat, scale, and timing in general. It’s just the fact that it uses most of the notes in your garden variety circus-like song. You could chalk it up to that.

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Also, someone else has noted that it sounds quite similar to part of The Entertainer, in the same way The Wild is “quite similar to” Madagascar.