[SIZE=7]Does anyone know of a good;decent;Akiri,Galaxy Express,Sprited Away,Metroplis esque Anime?
or anything like O-Rens Anime Story in Kill Bill vol.1

No Cartoon Network type,or immature stuff where someone jumps into a freeze frame and starts yelling.

I like old 80’s and 70’s stuff, Galaxy Expess 999 havent seen it since I was nine or ten years old it could have been 11,no lter than 12 though,that was back in the dark mists of the 90’s :fungah: ;and I remember I think it was in part 2 they are on earth and it shows The Express way off in space like a moving star the way I remember that is just so haunting,it had came on on sci-fi,part of a week long marathon each night with 1, or no more than 2 different anime movies :booster:
:fungah: :ark:

H#ll My neighbor Totoro wasent that bad

                 Spirted Away(seen it)
                Mononoke Hime
              Grave of The Fireflys
             Castles in The Sky
            Sennen Joyu
           My Neighbor Totoro(seen it)
          KiKis Delivery Service
         Mimi wo sumaseba 
        Neon Genesis Evanglon
       Kaze no tani no Naushika
      Akira(seen it)
     Kurini no Buta
    Ghost in The Shell
   Ninja Scroll
  The Castle in (couldent read what was below it too small)
 Vampire Hunter D
Jin Ro

Perfect Blue
Cowboy Bebop

Are all in the imdb top 50 animated movies

Any of those good?
I would realy PREFER movies over recent series.

Are there any more spinoffs of Galaxy Express besides C. Herlock?

I suggest XEBEC studio’s “Martian Successor Nadesico.”

Translated by ATV.

La Blue Girl
Angels on the Court
Water Closet

Gun Frontier (same characters as Leiji Matsumoto’s works such as Galaxy Express 999) should be pretty good for you. Yes, there are sex jokes, but they are taken very seriously.

Boogiepop Phantom.
Furi Kuri.
Record of Lodoss War.

Full Metal Alchemist

Bad BlueMageOne, bad.

May I suggest Scrapped Princess?

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.

Ranma 1/2
Last Exile
Kino’s Journey
Azumanga Daiho
Which Hunter Robin
Fruits Baskets
Bow Wow Wata

Ok, so not all of those fit your catagories, but their still good! :slight_smile:

Princess Mononoke or Castle in the Sky.

Whatta ‘bout Inuyasha? That thar’s some good ol’ hack n’ slash action, and it’s a pretty good storyline with it. I like it, and I’m not much for the anime.

I agree with Kairi! Those are GREAT!!!

Oh come on…

I looked it up on the and it said that there is alot of nudity in it.
Its not hentai is it?

Because hentai is disgusting,cartoons f{cking?(do you have to bleep profanity on here?)
how sick is that?

I said no Cartoon Network they are all about actionn,and not enough about an artisticly motivaded story.

I think there was one called Jin-roe: the wolf brigade…or something like that. That one isn’t bad. Kinda dark.

good thats the kind I like,dark(not goth-esque) storys with haunting art style and music.

I pity The Fool

Sorry, Zhare. Forgot the whole Cartoon Network thing.
…On a totally different topic, Epico, Why does Surlent look like a chick for your avatar? Surlent IS a guy. And a DAAAAMN good handler for Mantra, If I do say so.
(racking up 150+ at level 4 WHAT?)

well on the Cartoon Network thing.
are there any that are non immature?

Actually it seems like in just about every anime they go into “freeze frame and start yelling”

Well let me think last time a good one there was recently would be something like Gunslinger Girl or Rumic World 2003