Help me defeat the IT department!

Well, not really “defeat”, but I figure, can’t hurt to ask here. Anyway, my problem is that, whilst plugged into the college ethernet stuff, I can’t download stuff via BitTorrent, nor eMule. Virtually every program I have that uses the internet works fine – Steam and its games, MUSH clients, IM programs, the works. It’s just BitTorrent and all its flavors, as well as eMule’s filesharing, that sort of sink down to “0 kilobytes per second” downloading and “occasionally as high as 1 kb/s” uploading. So, uh, anyone know any way to fix or stop this?

Set up a proxy.

Get kicked out of college.

Good times for all.

ahahaha no

Seriously, though, how likely am I to get caught, if I’m only running through my laptop?

Pretty high. They’re blocking BT and P2P because they use up too much of the college’s bandwidth. Even if you’re tunnelling, your tunnel is going to be pretty damn wide once you have a few torrents running through it.

Depends on your college.

If they’re competent, you’re fucked.

If you’re stupid enough to DIAL INTO YOUR PROXY WHILE A TEACHER IS WATCHING, you’re fucked.

That actually happened to someone last year. Hilarious.

And how about if it’s only one torrent at a time? (And I set the eMule settings to “don’t go higher than if it was just one thing downloading via FireFox”?)

Still high. Don’t get warez in college, man.

Find out if your college residence has a DC++ Network. They’re your best friends. Basically a local intranet of file sharing. We got ours set up here a few weeks into the semester. The IT dept doesn’t seem to care about the huge bandwidth we use inside because it’s all local and doesn’t clog up the outgoing pipe.

Yeah, start asking around if there’s an IRC channel full of intra-LAN f-servs or, like Xelo said, an in-house DC++ hub


Or you can just come to U of Toronto

Explain o_O;

There’s not really much to explain. You’re violating college policy, you’re doing it to get illegal files, you’re using a lot of bandwith, and it’s easy to spot. The manner in which you get fucked (expulsion, anal penetration, slap on the wrist) is completely up to the college and whoever discovers it, of course. But chances are good that anyone caught using them for non-minor infractions (IM client, email checking, etc) gets at least the anal treatment, at least in my experiences.

And no, I didn’t get caught. Or anal.

My school is set up as a proxy, so all I needed was the address and port. Now my p2p works like a dream, but my BitTorrent doesn’t work very well, it normally does about what Yar’s does accept occaisionally it will download.