Help in FF8

Replaying FF8, and im stuck in galibadia garden (second time). Im trying to find the sorceress, after you kill seifer the first time. She goes to the auditorium. Where the hell is it? Ive got the guide book, but it aint helping.


Consulting my mental map, if you head right when you come out of the room on the second floor where you went when you first arrived at Galbadia Garden and had to go to find out Seifer had been sentenced to execution, you’ll come out onto the area overlooking the main ground floor hall. Keep heading right - the entrance is on the far right hand side. There’s a (hidden) save point somewhere near it, if I remember rightly.

It’s in the book. Read the walkthru or follow the maps. I had the book and I didnt have a problem with it. Or better yet go to gamefaqs.

ok found it


Oh i need some help with the game too. I have beaten it b4, but I want to try it with all final bosses in the castle. How? ( biggest trouble spots are titan, and the one iin the gallery,. They just wont spawn.)

I’m not sure who you mean by titan, if you mean the red Iron Giant in the dungeon area sorry can’t remember what makes him appear.

As for the one in the art gallery, you need to examine three paintings, and then the biggest one, and give it the right name. I think you have to enter VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM and VIATOR. That should get him to appear.

Well hope that helps.

To get the Red Giant to appear you just have to grab the shiny key thats in the dungeon…

Thanks everyone.