help in ff2

well i have ff2 as part of ff origins.and so far i didnt read the ff2 guide on rpgc site.
that being said i was training firion in white magic and maria in black.i was only training them in magic the guide waht i have been doing correct?if so should i restart i am only in the begining of the game.(poft)

no its good that your training them in magic. But I might recommend that you build them up phiscly to. since they will be doing more of that at the end of the game. :moogle:


Take time between towns to level up. The best way is to have your guys attack themselves. It raises their HP and defense pretty quickly.

Good tricks

-Have someone use all of their MP in battle and it is a 90% chance your MP will go up after battle.

-Kill off a character, then revive them. They will gain HP every time after battle.

-Select to attack a target, choose the target, go to the next character, cancel the action. Keep doing this and you can raise anything(weapon skills/magic) 1 level per battle. Does not work for the last character in battle, since you cannot cancel their action.

-Once you get high level spells like Holy, Flare, and Ultima, the game becomes really easy. I had Holy and Flare up to level 30, and they caused massive damage. Somehow Ultima is just not as effective as the other two.

I remember playing the NES version, and I had little trouble beating the final dungeon with magic. Fire/Ice/Bolt to level 8, Cure at 12, and most importantly, Aspel at level 3, which should be enough to heal most if not all MP!
Yeah, it was almost too easy. But I feel it’s pretty hard getting to that point, so I guess we’re even.