help for final fantasy x

well umm hello ppl im sion and i need your help with rikku! i need help getting her mix list maxed id like a list for the items needed to mak that serten item or u’s could just give me a web address so i can look for it my self:)

So…many… errors, It hurts!

:moogle: Have you tried the shrine?

Scroll down to the “Mix List” by CB!, it should have everything. (GameFAQs doesn’t like you linking directly to FAQs.)

thanks you guys:) it was a hassle getin other sites to help me they never did anything but u guys (girl) realy r good people thanks

ya know, i got booted from ff extreme cos some guy didnt like me

I think that could be that you don’t use grammer. Capilation and Full stops. Very useful.


Did you know[STRIKE], [/STRIKE] that I got booted from FF Extreme because some guy didnt like me.
Works a Lot better…

Why did I suddenly remember that old Online Life strip where Lunaris was teaching CATS how to speak properly? Although to be fair, BN’s grammar has improved a lot.

I don’t know what’s worse getting your Posts corrected by a Non-engish speaker Like Welia or Jing, or a Mentally defective idiot like myself. Yeah! I got to that up, too…

I like the Self instulting bit there, Nutter…

Lol BN. Don’t push your luck :stuck_out_tongue:

This comic?


Lol BN. Don’t push your luck :stuck_out_tongue:
What? in saying that I’d prefre getting my English checked by a Swedish hottie than myself…

hmmmm word! nah he just didnt like the fact that i had more friends then him and i haven been on there very long…stupid idiot! i hate that guy well im gonna find a way to screw him over hehe im evil!