Help For Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Right now I’m stuck on what to do next
I am at the Fourth Totema Battle With Exodus, where the Protagonist goes one on one with Babus and the underdeveloped Totema with Judgemaster Cid presiding.
If it helps, I will give my Protagonist’s stats

Level 16
Current Class: ninja
HP : 160
MP : 35
Classes/Mastered abilities
Soldier : Magicbreak, Speedbreak, Shieldbearer
Paladin : Nurse, Defense, Subdue, Drop Weapon, Weapon Def+
Thief : Steal Shield, Steal Accesory, Counter
Ninja : Metal Veil

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Wow, I’ve only got two totemas, and all my characters are at least level 18. And I’m not trying to power level or anything. You must be zipping through the missions.

I am postponing my FFTA game since 99.9 percent of my free time is now devoted to my in progress shrine.