Help finding good schools in Houston

I have a favor to ask you guys, if someone here lives or has lived in Houston.

A friend of mine is moving to Texas next month. She’s lived in the US before, and she’s moving back now because her husband got a contract with Shell and is going to work there.

They have a kid, who was actually born in the US. He’s 13 and as geeky as someone can be by that age. Though they moved to Brazil when Luke (as I call him, his actual name is Lucas) was very young, they still speak English at home (I go there for practice sometimes), and he is fluent.

And now they are looking for a school for the boy. So, what I’m asking for here are school recommendations. Which ones are best (public or private doesn’t matter)? Which ones should be avoided?

Honestly, it’s best if the parents go to each school and see for themselves. That beats any advice they could recieve.

Yeah, but there are so many.

Oh, and they’ve joined some mailing lists mantained by parents from that area and are talking to people who’ve already experienced the same having-to-look-for-a-school situation.