HELP: can't play games

well like green mage seid its probly a vedeo card problem.
so i suggest look though your games and see if it can play on that new comp of yours if they do… this is a idea a bad probly did not happen but u might have a virous :eek:

well I don’t know if this is true to all windows 98 installations but the OS in question was never really good for playing games (today’s games anyways) for more than an hour…

Holy necropost batman! Over one year old!

holy crap… I never even noticed the date lol


Yet some guy still asks questions. And a stupid one at that.

Who is asking questions?

well id have to say what urkani said

Well i think I’ve seen your problem now. You’ve installed DX9 on 98SE. I made the same mistake and it did the same thing to me, it just doesn’t work with most games. There’s no way you can uninstall it that I know of either.

What xelo and sorc are trying to say, albeit subtly, is that the last post on this thread was over a year old. I doubt this guy is still having problems with his PC, or if he is, he probably forgot that he’d posted here.

Don’t necropost, yarg, I’m gone for a week and this stuff happens.