I’ve heard a bit about this anime. Could anyone tell me what it is about? If it sounds good enough I may just buy a DVD or two. If I like it I can just get the box set. Theres no rental place in my entire county that has anime. I may just but Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Twilight of the Dark Master too since I can’t find anywhere to rent them. I here that Ghost In the Shell and Akira is really good. Also what kind of language and nudity are in Hellsing. I just don’t want my mother walking in on any certain parts.

No outright nudity in Hellsing. There’s a little bad language about half-way through the series, but mot much. It’s the violence thats’s the kicker.

Hellsing = Organisation headed by Integral Wingates Hellsing that hunts vampires. One of the members of said organisation is Alucard, the guy in your avatar, who is also a vampire. I personally think it’s an awesome series. Worth seeing.

yes, watch it!

just the character lady integral is worth seeing it; she’s just too awesome

I’ll just get the first dvd offa deepdscountdvd.com

You use a character as you avatar and haven’t even seen the series yet?

Kick. Ass.

I downloaded a few eps off Steve ages ago, thought it was cool so I bought the boxset. Easily one of my most watched animes. Even if I did hate the ending completely.

The manga is far, FAR better than the anime series.

The end is dissappointing though :confused:

i liked the end though i havn’t understand it

does the manga have a different end than the anime?

Its worth buying just for Paladin Alexander Armsong, the crazy Irsh catholic

The Hellsing Manga is appearantly funnier than the anime… or, at least according to the first book of the manga which i just saw today… Integra actually has moments where she THUDs… you know… that open-jaw, wide eyed look of surprise… it was pretty funny :P. Not sure about the other ones tho :slight_smile:

The manga hasn’t ended yet, actually. The characters in the manga are different than they’re portrayed in the anime…there’s a lot more humor involved, and the characters are more rounded. And of course, it’s gory. :smiley:

Hell yeah, his knifes rule all…