My Hellsing DVD Box set collection arrived yesterday in the post. And I could watch it forever, as long as I keep the settings firmly switched to ‘subbed’. The over-the-top, poncy, snobbish British accents of the dubbed version come close to offending me. That said, it’s nice to have an anime set in good ol’ England for a change.

Anyone else like this series? Even if the plot is never really concluded, Alucard is, without a doubt, the most bad-ass vampire to walk the world of TV and film. I can’t put a finger on why I like the anime so much . . . it just has a heckuva lot of style. The plot lags in many parts, but even the soundtrack alone is enough to make up for it.

Other thoughts that strike me - is there a second season planned? I would very much appreciate one :slight_smile:

I absolutely loved Hellsing- Alucard is indeed a bad ass =P. About a second season, well, I’ve heard rumors that there was going to be one, but it’s impossible to tell really. If there was going to be one, it seems like it was canceled =/

I would shit my pants and wear Kagon’s dress if there was a second season.

coolest anime ever under 20 epsodes lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno about that. FLCL was excellent, and it was only 6 episodes.

FLCL rocks for only having 6 episodes, but Hellsing rocks for just having a slim 13.

What is FLCL?

I love hellsing…need more hellsing…