Hellsing Christmas Collection 2003

If you haven’t seen Hellsing, you won’t really understand these, but they’re fun… I visited a friend for five days, and since we’re both Alucard fan(girl)s, we decided to write some songs… Then we recorded them and burned CDs! And uploaded them to our website. I sent the links to Charl and he said I should post them here, and why not? I can’t sing, but this isn’t about singing. <strike>See</strike> Hear intro for details! And enjoy.

<b>The Hellsing Christmas Collection 2003</b><br>
<b>Track 1:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/0_intro.zip” target="_blank">Intro</a>
<br><b>Track 2:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/1_sob.zip” target="_blank">Statement of Obsession</a> (Sooo many bloopers…)
<br><b>Track 3:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/2_tis.zip” target="_blank">The Incognito Song</a>
<br><b>Track 4:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/3_rtv.zip” target="_blank">Request to Victoria</a>
<br><b>Track 5:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/4_tta.zip” target=“blank">Tribute to Alucard</a> (Yay, solo cough >>)
<br><b>Track 6:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/5_tta_chorus.zip” target=”_blank">Tribute to Alucard - chorus</a> (We intended to sing like this, but it wasn’t possible since the song goes so high and low…)
<br><b>Track 7:</b> <a href=“http://www.indigo-twilight.net/christmas2003/6_bloopers.zip” target="_blank">Bloopers</a> (Mwahahaha!)

Dude, no way! you rock! I love these! can I have your autograph?

and you sing about vampires! please marry me?

I love you. Have my babies. I’ll even fight Charle for your favour.


lunges at pierson!


lunges at charle!

Aww, my sis is popular :slight_smile:

Not only is she a Hellsing fangirl, which under any circumstances is enough to make me her slave for all this life and muich of the next one, she also sings about it in an incredibly cute way! What’s not to like? :smiley:

Jing just rocks.

Very cute and entertaining, even for those of us with almost no Hellsing knowledge (my knowledge being: “Well, there is such a thing as Hellsing”).

I’m glad you decided to share this with us.

Five songs, I notice. Five day stay. Was that the plan, one for each day, or just happy coincidence?

PSST! Say you planned it, like the folks in the decameron. Nobody here will ever be able to prove otherwise, and it’ll sound really really cool.

bows Thank you, all! And… Love and peace, people! >_> It’s Christmas, ‘n’ stuff. puts on a shirt that says “taken”

It’s just four songs and a remake of the chorus of the fourth one, actually… And it just turned out that way.

There were more bloopers, but some of the files didn’t want to cooperate. >_> And a whole lot of unrecorded ones from the day before when we were practicing. =P

worships Charl’s avatar for a while

We discussed making a part two next time we meet, so maybe that’ll happen. Oh, and I have a bunch of drawings as well… I’ll post those tomorrow when I can get to that computer.

Originally posted by Jing
puts on a shirt that says “taken”
WHAT?! stabs pierson! I hate you pie! I hate you! :frowning: sigh, all the best girls are taken.

Er… Not by him. =P And no stabbing people on Christmas. Christmas Day is in one minute here, even!

I know, I just hate pierson. You’re like dating that Chris guy, right?

weilla, when are YOU going to sing? you two should sing man of la mancha together.

It’s Angelfire, but I don’t wanna upload it on RPGC since it’s so big.. Had no mic, sang into the comp to a midi. Enjoy :ulty:
I’m the darkness, you’re the stars…

:yipee: :yipee:

And I love you too Charle.:cool:

<a href=“http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/jing_ryu/archives/fangirls2.jpg” target="_blank">Fangirls</a>

Well, I have 10 drawings, but I’ll just post this one. >_>

Wow! :smiley:

I really love these Hellsing songs. (Haven’t downloaded Weiila’s song yet… Stupid slow internet… :confused:
Finally finished :smiley: Same review as the others: Friggin AWESOME! XD)
They’re so unbelievably cool :smiley:

adds the Hellsing songs on top of my list of songs to learn :slight_smile:
(Already know the FF Opera Song by heart, can’t sing it though… One of the problems of being a guy (and a teenager) is that you can’t sing all those really high songs…)

And post more pictures! Post more pictures!

Danke. And if we had a decent mic and recording program, you’d probably have reason to fear, all of ye! Muhahahaha…

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Jing just rocks.

Originally posted by Weiila
It’s Angelfire, but I don’t wanna upload it on RPGC since it’s so big.. Had no mic, sang into the comp to a midi. Enjoy :ulty:
I’m the darkness, you’re the stars…

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> We have 400 gig of bandwith per month, don’t worry about uploading 2 MB files :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Ave Maria version is pretty nice. Better than my attempt, which I conveniently lost but which I have burned on a CD somewhere. Regular chatroom-goers will know what I mean.

And Jing, those hellsing songs were great enough for me to take the trouble of tagging them, renaming them and making a seperate playlist for them :stuck_out_tongue: