Hellsing: Alucard is awesome

yep, sounds good to me.

alucards guns are just plain awesome don tu think, the jackel, wow, IT’LL BLOW OFF UR FRICKEN HEAD!!!

The Alu/Aru thing goes beyond this series. It’s a general problem with anything to use the name. Basically, this is how it works, as close as I’ve been able to figure out:
Arucard is also the name used of a character in a Bram Stoker short story, believed to be Dracula’s son. This is either because a) Stoker was a crazy fucker who decided to spell Dracula backwards and one letter off, just to bug people (something, which, from reading his biography, he would totally do), b) it was meant to be Alucard, but for some reason it was printed wrong, that immortalizing the confusion, or c) the backwards thing is a coincidence, and people are over-analysing jackasses. Wait, d) Arucard sounds cooler.

As for the anime/mange, I preferred the manga, and Walter is cooler than Aru/Alucard any day. He’s the Angel of Motherfucking DEATH, I mean, come one. The Motherfucking Angel of Motherfucking DEATH,. Like the Grim Reaper, only a butler too. Hell yeah!

Actually it’s because the Japanese language does not discern beteen the letters ‘r’ and ‘l’, and choosing correctly between which to use is literally a 50/50 with them. Try asking a Japanese person to say ‘lollipop’ and watch the ensuing hilarity.

ya i kinda dont care, alucard, arucard, they mean the same to mean, A kick butt vampire that kills vampires, Its so awesome, not to be scary, but i enjoy watchin all the vampires die, alucard makes it look easy.

I thought that too, but the confusion has also occurred in English and German publications.

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