Hellsing: Alucard is awesome

If u havent seen hellsing, u missed out on one of the coolest animes. It might have swearing and a lot of blood, but cool animes like that have those things in it. If u have seen it tell me what u do or dont like about it.

How come at the end of each episode, in the credits, they spell his name Arucard? I mean, I know they can’t pronounce the L, but can they at least fucking write it?

oh well, it sounds kinda cool though, araucard. It kinda does, u might think different. But ya your right, they should just change the letter to l. Why confuse people, you know

He’s called ‘Arucard’ because that’s the actual pronunciation of the name in Japanese, along with Father Anderson’s name being spelled ‘Andersong’, etc.
People just like to use ‘Arucard’ because it distinguishes that character from the 1.5 million other Alucards out there.

The anime is ok, but I like Kouta Hirano’s artwork in the manga better…Alucard has a more psychotic, I-will-eat-your-face-off-with-fava-beans-and-a-nice-chianti look. :slight_smile:

lol, I like the whole ill eat ur face thing, it rocks because he is like a murder of his kind, and the human race. its funny

Seras is cooler.

Manga spoilers: She gets royally fucked up and her arm chopped off by one of the Major’s goons, is rescued by Pip who then dies, drinks Pip’s blood, becomes a vampire, tears seven kinds of ass through the Nazis, grows MOTHERFUCKING WINGS and proceeds to kick ass through the Vatican and Nazi armies without breaking a sweat. Fucking awesome.

One more, because I love Hirano’s art

How i mean alucard is all twisted and blood hungary where as she wont even drink the blood because she doesnt think its right. She is kinda stupid too, she could have been a free vampire and still work for hellsing, but she didnt bite alucards arm so therefore she is still a apprentice still. Alucard has better guns to. The jackel rocks, i wish i had it.

Here is a link to mostly all of the Hellsing manga. Just keep reading and you’ll see. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just like her character better. If you look through the entire thing you’ll see she changes a lot through volume 1-8, whereas Alucard just seems to have a serious case of Goku-Syndrome. Most of his character growth happened pre-Hellsing, with is still being written by Hirano.

Thanks for the link, ill look at them.

I loved the anime…but I’m going to chime in as one of the manga-lovers here. Like Trillian, I absolutely adore the madness the artist puts into the characters’ expressions, especially Alucard and Seras.

From the back of the the manga volume two cover: “With language and style at eye level with today’s older youth, <i>Hellsing</i> is not only good entertainment, it’s fashionable gothic fantasy with a light touch and a dance of violence that jumps the fence of normalcy and runs off laughing into the dark.”

Well thats a good way to put it i guess, sounds all fancy but ya u hit the spot.lol His guns rock though, they have so much power in them. The jackal and the Joshua. I say he should have fiunished off alexander anderson at the subway. I dont like him all that much, with all those sword, and they say they all come from the 4th dimension. ok.

ooooh, pretty link Pie.

Volume 6 is in Russian but nothing much happens in it anyway.

How do I open the files?

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n e ways, i think the graphics where pretty good, they didnt have any funny like anime until they show you whats on the next episode, thats kinda serious. ohh well some are ment to be serious

Well, alucard only uses his black magic a couple of times. It must take a lot out of him because he doesnt do it that often, and when he does, its so awesome. The dog thing for the arm, it rocks.

I believe (and i think most people do) that casting black magic doesn’t drain him. He can’t because he needs permission to do anything and was only able to use it once it’s acquired. I think.