Hiyas im not new here i just decided to reformat my hard disk so now i dont have the pass to my other account (yoshmeister) or the e mail.

You could totally just e-mail an admin.


hey neoro, you from tennesee? cuz you’re the only ten I see!


You hate me because I’m from Tennessee. Thats no reason to hate somebody. Your weird, man, weird.

You take me waaaayyyy to seriously

Yes, I do. Nice avatar. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is th best. “So I see this cord plugged into my wall. I see you house glowing like the freaking sun. I put two and two together and decided that your pissing me off” -Carl

Frylock, you have a problem, your a drunk

I don’t NEED no instructions to know how to ROCK!

Yeah i got a magizine for you, there called hallow points, your going to like them a lot when i put them in a gun, then put them in your brain

Do what now? -meatwad


: Mr. Waving Smilie screams and hides beneath the couch.

My brain hurts…

And I just have a sudden urge to scream “TETSUOOOOOO!!!11111elevenses”

When do you not? Seriously.