I did not see a “introduction” thread nor am I sure it is necessary to do something like this but i’d hate to just show up on this forum without even a hello!

So anyways, hello, you can call me kirbydjinn or kirby or KD or Brit (real name) or anything that floats your boat really (just uh, preferably not insults haha) I’m into art and games and music I suppose but I don’t really want to get to specific at this point

I was linked here by a friend who is a member and it seems like a fun friendly sort of place so I thought i’d join.

I apologize if this is in the wrong section and if there is a forum more suited to this sort of thing then i’ll be sure to try and move this thread there.

ANYWAYS, hope I can become an interesting part of this forum…


laying down on a hammock does not turn his head to look at the newcomer but continues to read his magazine, lets out a faint grunt sound

Welcome! I’d have to agree that this is a fun forum, so you’ve come to the right place.

I know everyone is just waiting for me to post here, jeez I’m almost the official RPGC greeter, so here I am. :wink:

Welcome Kirby! No, we don’t have official introductory threads and they’re not really needed, you can just start posting away, but it’s always nice to hear people talk about themselves. As you can see we have some, ah, colorful people here, just roll along with anything they say. :smiley: Check out our various forums (fora?) we cover more than just games. Hope you enjoy the place! :wave:

Hey there, stranger.

Hi kirby, welcome. More kirby is always* good by my standards.

*please disregard N64 for the sake of rhetoric

Yes. Waiting with bated breath. I don’t know how we survived for those four hours, eighteen minutes.

Here, with baited breath
we await suffocation;
Do fish drown in dust?

Welcome KB! Please enjoy your stay! One word of caution: Don’t take anything posted here too seriously. You’re here to have fun anyway right? :hahaha;

The same way I survived waiting for you to snark about my post, Numbers. :wink:

Welcome Kirby.

I wonder if he is still around.

Welcome. And now, a Kirby dance in your honor.

b> <(^.^)> <(’.’<) <(^.^)> (>’.’)> <(^.^)> <(’.’<) [/b]

Since the first person to greet him was Charle, odds are low. :wink:

Try reading that post while using Pink Cadillac.

It turns into a Ninja Kirby dance.

slow smile


yeah sorry I am planning on posting more but life’s been hectic, been drawing a lot and school and all thaaat sorry


Just don’t try too hard. Don’t want you to hurt yourself. The internet is serious business.

At least it wasn’t me :slight_smile: