HELLO everybody! How are your mothers? SG’s mother is fine since I was just with her giving her my service, like I do every night. Please send your mothers over to Kero’s place right now. K? I am having un muy bueno tiempo. !SI! :hyperven: :yipee: ::dekar!:: :suckah:

Mr. T is the mother’s man. :suckah: WORD?

YAY! Info is drunk!

I don’t see you here? Wtf ARE YOU? i ONLY SEE kERO, cHAR, ME, YOUR MOTHER, nESSA, SG, Maz, CH, and SG’s mom (his mom everywhere)!, merc, and um your mother, and um we had Victor. And we had um your mother, and um your mother. You mother is always good.

Wow, Info has taught us all a valueable lesson, alchol is bad, but amusing.

Your mother’s bad, but I don’t get rid of her. You mother fucker. Actually, I’m a mother fucker./ HA!

Motherfucking 70 second rule.

Haw, this is priceless.
It’s not everyday I get to laugh at a drunken marine >.>


I love it when drunks visit. :smiley:

It’s not always amusing to see drunkenness in friends. But it IS always fun to see drunkoenness ona message board!

Wow. That’s awesome Info.

Even I cannot reach this level of hilariousity.

Have a nice Aftermath.

Does this happen often?

I’m good now. Actually, Kero had more to drink than I did…much more.

I can’t really tell the difference.
Is there any difference at all? Between a drunk Kero and one that isn’t drunk?

Friends don’t let friends post drunk…