Ummm I’m new to this place. :slight_smile: And I would like a help with the introduction. So how do I get a post count and could you tell me who are the mods so I can shower them with glomps? ^^;

I like anime too. I LOVE KAWAII BISHIES…anddddd i’m a hyper catgirl!! i dunno whatelse to say ;_____; I’ll be a sugoi poster!! (japanese for good), and won’t do anything warui (japanese for bad). =^^=

arigato! (thanks you)

Welcome, hope you have a good time here. :slight_smile:

:moogle: :moogle: dankes ^^ bows

http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showgroups.php || list of all mods and admins
http://www.rpgclassics.com/forumrules.shtml || the rules

Please speak normal English unless you want people mocking you behind your back, and not behind your back, both on and off the forums. Other than that, welcome.

You get a higher post count from posting like you did. Also just read threads and reply to what’s said if you’d like. The mods and admins are listed on this page: http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showgroups.php Um welcome, not sure how long you will last but enjoy your time. Just don’t go spam happy, kay?

You mean like we did to Basara, TD? I mean, not that I did anything like that, of course. >.>

Anyway, welcome, enjoy yourself, don’t do anything stupid, etc.

Welcome NyuuChan. Agora isn’t your typical forum and is pretty fun once you get the hang of it and the people.
and enjoy you stay :slight_smile:

Mr. Bishie Catboy says ‘Hello.’

Hey there, NCNL. Welcome.

You sure do have a long name.

Enjoy your stay and try not to take things too seriously. There is a lot of sarcasm around here.

Not that I would ever use sarcasm, personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am afraid. Very afraid.

That was a weird greeting, Nul.

Hi and welcome NyuuChanNekoLover777, may your future be bright and your oranges orange.

I am not sure what to make of this, so I’ll settle for a healthy smile & nod & smile again.