Nice active forum you have here. The reason i have joined this site is because i love any RPG games like Dragon Quest, Warrior, Final Fantasy, i could go on but i wont bother, just a quick introduction and it makes a change from other forums, hello anyways :moogle:

This goes in the main forum, not the chat room forum.


Good to see someone who likes DQ! Thouh I only played DQ7 and never managed to beat it before, I have to say that it’s a wonderful game. Welcome to the forums, and, er…happy posting ^^

Hi! Please sit down, have a beverage…while we drive you insane with our nonsencical verbaige! :slight_smile: :cool:

Welcome! I have DW7 too, although I haven’t had the time to play it. Now, I require your sanity. Give. Now.

How to fit in:

  1. Always make fun of those different from you.
  2. NEVER say ANYTHING unless you are sure EVERYONE else thinks the same thing as you.
  3. Once you hit 2k posts, you can be as big an asshat as you want.
  4. Make fun of those who have the gall to ask a question. All questions are stupid and should not be asked.
  5. If someone’s opinion is different from yours, they’re gay and stupid.
  6. If someone makes an inside joke, even if you have NO IDEA what it means, laugh as if you’ve been here forever and you get it.
  7. Charlemagne is funny. Not spammy. Theres a difference between randomly spamming and charlemagne randomly spamming.

Have a nice stay.

Oh, and read CH’s guides. Aside from the fact X is banned and the TOB is gone, they’re really informative.

(and it seems the newb flood started again. o_O;:wink:

I totally disagree with #7 as of late.

Although, I am getting close to 2k posts, so I guess I can start acting like him too thanks to #3.

Nekkid lesbian twins in a bag? Haha?

Welcome to RPGC. I just sort of loiter here.

No loitering.


How do you do? (Thats proper english for howdy)

Welcome, and happy posting.

I’d post something sarcastic, but right now, I feel tired from school. So hi.

hello~ :enguard:

Welcome and have an excellent stay. Everything Devillion has listed is true.

Welcome to RPGC. It’s always a pleasure to see another Dragon Warrior fan. 8)

Now kick back and relax. If you get stuck in DW7, post in the Gaming Help forum and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for the support and sorry about posting in the wrong forum, i always seem to do that when i join a forum :mwahaha: Dragon Warrior is a brilliant game and it’s good to see so may fans here, if i do get stuck at any stage i will be sure to let you know!

Not another one sigh Well welcome, I guess.

Dragon Warrior, eh? I love you already.


<img src=“http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b0/Chandler_strawberries.jpg”>

Welcome to RPGC. The longer you stay here, the more your soul will erode away into nothingness. Avoid acting like one of these guys.

Also, check out the Final Fantasy Compendium. It’s the ultimate source for Final Fantasy information on the web, and definitely worth a look.