Hello sailors! Come aboard the good MMO Navyfield!


Navyfield is a navel-based MMO with a similar theme to Gunbound: You start with a basic ship, win battles to earn credit, and slowly upgrade your weaponry, engine and eventually work your way up to commanding an aircraft carrier.

Combat is carried out in rooms (Gunbound again) and basically you just hammer away at each other using right-click to move, space to fire, and some other buttons to control gun elevation and direction. It uses real ship models and looks really, really nice.

Servers are done the same way as Gundbound and you keep your ships no matter where you are, and the website and all ship creation includes Engrish-free tutorials, so jump on and post your details here!

User: Pierson
Ship: HMS_Roofleboat

What country are you hosted in? US, Korea, Japan, Canada or China?

System requirements?

Seems neat, might check it out.

TrkJac: The servers are probably hosted somewhere in Korea. That doesn’t matter much though since they’re probably good ones.

Seraph: Not high. There’s little-to-no actual 3D graphics.

Ion: :smiley:

The tutorial was good for getting me through ship creation, but it completely fell apart at the battles. I’m still learning how these angles work.

Check the website. Generally I just get into range and fire until they ink.

Is it possible to overshoot? I kept doing that, I think.

Another bandwagon to jump in?

I might just give this one a shot.

Okay. I’m installing this. Getting some weird mastery of it all, then I’m pwning you guys.

I will become the tugboat master

This game looks hawt… And since wow is down for maitenance… DOWNLOAD!

The_Dev : Frigate USA

Having trouble with crashes though. =\

Never mind, I played it and it wasnt fun. Tis a shame that the controls arent entertaining enough, the premise was really keen.

Really? I’m, enjoying it…alot. You just have to remember to always keep you turret height levels the same, so if you feel the need to switch to rear and frontal attacks, they won’t be off balance.

The controls are kind of weird at first, but focusing on getting turrets with a very high turning speed and raise speed can help…ALOT. I’m sacrificing damage for the sake of agility with my weapons right now, and it makes the weird control setup easier.

I really like this game…but i should say that I’ve been hankering for a Naval game for a really long time, which probably makes me more able to put up with the game’s shortcomings than others. (Speaking of which: I wonder why the naval war genre has been neglected so much =)

And is there a friends list, so we can play with each other? Or would we all have to just join the same chat?

It’s a pretty fun game though I wonder if I am losing out on a lot using the auto fireing system.

User: CaptColbac
Ship: MagellanIII

Is there a bug when trying to load the same ammo type as prior to a battle? I have heavies loaded up, go into battle, return, and its empty. I try reloading the same heavies, but it remains empty. Solved by reloading with a different ammo type (like normals, or lights), then putting the heavies back in. But, now its a prob with my getting torps, and only having access to one kind of torp :frowning:

I’m learning the aiming system, though its still a bit wonky.

Oh yea, hit CTRL to turn TDA mode on, and turn your guns alot faster. Turn it off so you can aim better though.

How do you fire torpedos?

First you should have your torpedo launchers selected. They are probably on your R weapon group.I think torpedos can only be fired off your port or starboard side. I’ve never been able to launch them when I aim toward the front or back of my ship. After aiming you just shoot them like normal shots. You can pick wide or narrow and slow long range or fast short range.