Hello, I'm Shayne and I'm,,,,,

… Er, wrong place for that… LOL

Seriously though, I just joined and I’ve been perusing the RPGC for a few weeks. Only the Final Fantasy VIII and X and crossover areas, the crossovers I only got to were d_Galloway’s stories (great BTW), for it’s fanfiction, pretty good stories there. I’ll eventually get to the rest of RPGC at some point as welll.

I just finished reading RPGC’s history, I found it quite informative, though it does need to be updated from '04 'till now. I’m interested in finding out the rest of this sites story, as I’m sure others who’ve read it as well. :slight_smile:

Oh, your “Activate Membership” e-mail went to my spambox rathir thaan my e-mail inbox. It probably means nothing, but I thought to bring it up anyhow.

That’s it for all I have to say, look forward to meeting everyone. (o:p


Welcome to the boards!

I don’t think there’s been any history to speak of since '04. I could be wrong, but nothing major springs to mind. We’re like Mongolia, where nothing ever happens. Anyway, welcome.

I was here during the year 2004. I think that’s something to talk about.

Yeah, not much has happened around here the last couple years as far as plot development goes.

Khalbrae, thanks very much. I aprciate the welcome. (o:p

Valkyrie_Esker, that’s cool, I’m just curious about what’s happened with the site since the "history update, which was January '04 I think. If nothing’s happened that’s cool too. (o:p Thanks for the welcome. (o:p

Lanyx, since you know what has happened in '04 since you’ve been here since that time, if possible tell your memories or whatever about it, I really am curiouis. (o:p


The history of this site isn’t a “really big”"" deal, just more of a curiousity to me, so if there’s nothing tp it, then that’s fine too. (o:p

We’ve had several shrines per year. Stuff happens. We’ve already hit most of the big names people things of as classics, so some really well-made, informative shrines go under the radar, unfortunately.

Edit: Oh, and welcome!

RoguePaladinTrian, I look forward to checking other parts of the RPGC site, even though I’ll probably not know much about the other games or info, but I’d like to read it anyway. This site is quite good and interesting compared to others I’ve seen. Though I’ve not seen alot of sites. LOL But from the few that I have, this site is quite good. (o:p

The only plot ever that took place involving the whole board, from all I can remember, was the destruction of ToB. That, and the many times when a girl who turned up to be a guy.

There was also that insanity with Quina. Is he even still around?

I think the recent years’ history could have an article about the increasingly retarded era of Setz, and the dawn of a new age of prosperity under the leadership of Cless/BMO/Ramza

We moved servers. That’s pretty major.

Welcome to the boards.

The ToB was rebuilt for maybe a month before it was scrapped again.

Welcome to [STRIKE]hell itself[/STRIKE] the board. . . . [STRIKE]Leave as fast as you can!!![/STRIKE]

Welcome, Shayne. As you may have noticed, people around here tend to be quite sarcastic. So don’t take anything (except the rules) seriously. :slight_smile:

Our boards cover a wide variety of stuff, not just RPGs but Anime, Fanfiction, etc. So look around and post where you feel most comfortable. Have fun.

I’d also suggest you not rely too much on what you think you know about anyone here. At least, not from fiction or anything that invovles other people writing for them. Everything there is several years old, and assuming you know anyone is a bit rude… sicne you’d be almsot certainly wrong.

Hiya! Post and have fun! What are some of your interests? Music? Movies? Whatever?

Seconded, and also I demand that there be mention of how I won a Fields medal for finishing some of my stats homework

Hi Shayne, welcome. If you have even a passing familiarity with the game, check out Kaiser’s FF8 story.