Hello, I'm New Here...!

Super Saiyan Ahnold welcomes you.

I think my brain just had a Blue Screen of Death.

Hi, do not fight the insanity, you cannot win.

Okay, better grammar than some people.

Okay, mlauzon get used to this. These sort of threads get highjacked off topic, nine times out of ten. Or is it ten times out of ten? Oh I can never remember the statistics.

Anyway, welcome.

Guh, quit pretending RPGC is insane. It’s actually more down to earth than pretty much every other site out there combined. We even use proper grammar once in a while, for fuck’s sake.


Yeah, what Hades said. We can certainly get interesting, but dammit, we’ve had intelligent discussions! Granted, they sometimes devolve into things like “What do babies taste like?”, but still!

Anyway, welcome. I’m Val. learn to hate or love me, as those seem to be the only choices.

Why does everyone always say something like this that dousn’t apply to me?

I just like you as in you are…nice to me and stuff.

Welcome aboard.

3 words: Sounds like Shatner. (aka Capt James T Kirk)

Big Nutter
Sin said I’ve got to translate all my New Al-bhed post,

greetings and salutations (this probly isent spell right but go with it) mlauzon.

please enjoy my welcome dance.

Hey macarena!

and for future reference this is a moogle.

:moogle: The hell you looking at !!!

He kinda kranky right now. most of the time he hangs around with me and eats fritos.

Welcome. Have a brownie and a pair of edible panties.