Hello, I'm New Here...!


Yeah, there are some idiots who post here, who we dislike. We hope you aren’t one. If you aren’t, you get a free asymilation! Aren’t you lucky!

Oh you’ll soon find out.

Cue manical cackle.

Wow… a person who doesn’t know Moogles? Even my mother knows moogles and she never played anything but Tetris.

Anyhow, welcome and all that stuff.

Hello, nice to meet you mlauzon. ^^

Fryd dra ramm ec dryd fylgo myhkiyka? E sayh, drana yna lmaynmo cuihtc dryd oui lyhhud syga! Drec taveac ymm uv so ghufmatka uv mehkiecdelc. Yna oui cina dryd oui’na hud zicd lobranehk icehk yh Al Bhed dnyhcmydun? Fylgo. Funcd aqlica vun y myhkiyka, druikr, luhcetanehk dryd ed’c hud. E mega bea.

Negative, the RPGC Agora gives everyone a +10 circumstance bonus to all their stupidity, and elitism-related checks. A puny +1 to non-idiocy wouldn’t stop people from getting monstrous scores in those rolls D:

I had rolled an 18 in intelligence and a 3 in wisdom.

Hi! Sit down! Have a beverage…as we drive you insane with our nonsensical verbaige!

I’m the resident dangerously hyper cat girl with a bazooka that has a split personality of Rikku…and the youngest person here.


Hah! Older than you! Worship me!

Ha! WAAAY more posts then you! Worship me! :slight_smile:

Posts mean nothing when they have no content at all.

100 of your posts = 1 of RPG Knight’s.

It all comes down to who actually cares, though (in terms of both criteria). Still, I could destroy you, if I could find you; and I’m not planning on bothering with such of a venture.

I’m 11, do expect all my posts to lengthy? At least I use good grammer (No counting things like “r0x”)… :bowser:

Hmm… Lemme math this out…

986 / 100 = 9.86

9.86 =/= 63

9.86 < 63


*Or don’t, I don’t really care.

hello and welcome mlauzon~

Sorry, you did three things wrong in your own sentence (two of which are grammar, the third being spelling).

You’re missing “you” between “do” and “expect.”

The beginning of a sentence fragment in parentheses does not require a capital.

“Grammar” is spelt wrong.

I am the superior!

EDIT: I know how to spell hypocrite…really >_<;;

what a coincedence! Thats how I found this found this forum.Well anyways: “WELCOME!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D”

slips [STRIKE]estasy[/STRIKE] ice in to the beverage