Hello, I'm New Here...!

Was searching for something entirely different on Google, and I came across this web site…I really like what I see! So, I am here to say “Hello!”, and mention that I’ve been playing RPGs for years!

Welcome to [strike]your doom[/strike] RPGC! Enjoy your stay.

Thanks for the weird welcome… :stuck_out_tongue:

I want 1000 posts… So… WELCOME! :smiley:

Edit: Get ready for a LOT of weird welcomes. :slight_smile:

Don’t try to cover up our tracks GG, he’ll pick it up sooner or later. hides the Death Rays

I think we all would like 1000 posts, but believe me of all the forums I am on I’ve never reached 1000 posts…!

Welcome. I’d give you moogles and stuff but i’m too lazy at the moment. maybe later. anyway, enjoy your slow degrading into insanity. I know i enjoyed mine

Expect more of the same. :dancer:

Ok, Hi, I’m Big Nutter, Also Called Mike. My posts are a bit silly at time, some times completly off the wall. AS this RPG Site has a Final Fantasy site attached, I will welcome you in Al-bhed. (Translation will be povided.)

Famlusa, yht ahzuo uin cdyo!! Fa tu ruba oui cyo suna dryh 10 bucdc, vun buabma fru tu cyo ‘Re’ tecybbayn bnaddo xielgmo. Fa mega drnuf ybyndo eh uin ufh fyo frah y hafpea zuehc uin nyhgc. (Welcome, and enjoy our stay!! We do hope you say more than 10 posts, for poeple who do say ‘Hi’ disappear pretty quickly. We like throw aparty in our own way when a newbie joins our ranks.)

Big Nutter
I have a style of my own.

Moogles, what are moogles…?

Pink also eats them. Starting with the head. I’d genderize it, but it doesn’t appreciate that.
Hi. Don’t necropost, or the zombie threads will eat your brains.

Moogles link: http://www.ffcompendium.com/h/species/mogli.shtml

Big Nutter
You are also a part of that/this site’s forum.

I’ve come to belive that you are all a little weird…!

Yeah. We’re all. Very crazy. So crazy. Check out my mad punctuation skills. So insane.

Well, I’ll come to get used to it…!

Hi and welcome! :wave:

My welcome party is wrong so heres a question for you. which sprite set should i use the one based Kingdom Hearts or the one Based on FF7?

Big Nutter
Man We’ve hit 3 post I’ve not been pulled out here in to this madness. Da’h! I came out here my self. Hi, I’m 2k, I’ll Introduce my self proberly with the Welcoming Party.

Haven’t played “Kingdom Hearts” yet, and I cannot stand FF7…actually I am not really a fan of turn-based RPGs; I prefer RTRPGs (Real Time RPGs)…those are the ones that you fight monsters without each getting a turn to attack or defend.

Yay, a 28 year old. Let’s hope this is a +1 for non-idiocy :smiley: