Hello I am new.

Hello. My name is Lynne and I’m new here. :dancer:

Nut uh!

What makes you say nut uh? Lol.

Lynne: You’ll find that many people here post barely understandable things often. Maybe they have this place confused with a chatroom. :hahaha;

Anyway: Welcome to RPGC, hope you enjoy the place and stay for a while. Check out all our boards, not just this one! :wave:

Okay. I will. Thanks. ^ _ ^ :dancer:

Teenage girls are okay, IMO.

Shut up Eva. :frowning:

Hi Lynne.

holy crap Eva, where did you dissapear to?

And hi new lady

Hello everyone. ^ _ ^ :dancer:

Hey, another .hack fan, cool. Welcome and stuff.

It is truly a wonder though, newbies DO come in waves over here. I wonder why is that?

For some reason you seem oddly familier… couldn’t be though, could it?

Anyways, welcome.


Um, I guess to you being new, but maybe I didn’t believe your name was Lynn. I don’t really know, now. That may actually have been meant as a post elsewhere or something. I don’t know how it got there.

Thanks. ^ _ ^ And what do you mean? I know you though. Because I go on live chat. :dancer:

Hi Lynne, have fun while you’re here. ^^

Oh, you’re Lufia’. M’kay.



Haven’t had a newcomer in while, welcome. Don’t take anything here to seriously okay? We’re all a tad insane now and then.

Yeah… Hello. :boring: Hi Dev!! :kissy: :dancer:


What’s so funny? :dancer: