Hello, Hello

I haven’t made any sort of formal introduction yet, so here goes.

Going to school in New York right now, finishing up my first year at college. Longtime RPG fan, and I’ve been hopping from forum to forum for several years now, hoping to end that fickleness and finally settle down at this one. When I’m not whoring myself to different forum sites I’m a big fan of improv comedy, and am currently trying to get involved in the improv scene here in Manhattan.

Welcome, tasuki. You know, introductory threads are not a strict necessity here… in fact, I’ve found that just diving in on the existing conversations (as long as you have something interesting to say) is the best way to integrate. Still, nice of you to tell us about yourself. Be sure to check out all of our boards, and never take anything said here too seriously. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Except Sin. He is the Green Damn Ranger and you will show him appropriate respeck.



How are you gentlemen!!

I thought he was the White Ranger!

On topic - hi!

The green ranger became the White Ranger. Silly Vicky.

Then riddle me this?

What were the Megazords of both the Green and White Power Rangers supposed to be of?

Also: Belated what up!

I’m fairly certain Tommy is the Black Ranger now.

The megazord was all the zords combined!

The zords of each, however, were a “dragon” (summoned by a dagger-flute) that looked a whole hell of a lot like Mecha-Godzilla, and a tiger, respectively.

Is there anything rudimentary about improv comedy that made you think “hey, that makes sense” when you first saw it? Not strictly talking with the aim of making people lol.

And welcome.

The SNES Power Rangers game was a pretty fun beat’em up. Also, fuck intellectual credit.

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I’m fairly certain Tommy is the Black Ranger now.

He is, and was also the Red Ranger twice.

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[i]Then riddle me this?

What were the Megazords of both the Green and White Power Rangers supposed to be of?

Also: Belated what up![/i]

The megazord was all the zords combined! [/i][/QUOTE]

If I remember correctly both Zords were in their own right as powerful as the combined Megazord. Although they could also combine with the other Zords to form their own Megazord (at least the tiger could as I don’t remember if the dragon ever did or not).

And just as an fyi, this is more data relating to Power Rangers than I’ve ever really given two shakes of a sword-flute about. I got out of this Juggernaut of a franchise back when they did the first movie, and by god I’m not getting sucked back in again.

Being as powerful as a megazord and being a megazord are not the same thing >:(

When I first saw it I liked the instant gratification of making people laugh, and the fact that it’s all unscripted and requires no hardcore commitment in terms of memorizing a script. Then slowly I started to appreciate it as a unique, legitimate art form behind all the comical evocativeness of it. I think that goes for a lot of “hobbies,” if I can call it one in my case, but it’s immensely fulfilling for me.

And let us not forget the tragic death of the Yellow Ranger.

Improv’s really cool. It requires a lot of thinking in very little time. My friends and I were drunkenly playing old theatre class improv games, tonight, actually.

The only time I got to do stuff like that was in my high school drama class, but that was some fun times.

The only one I can remember in any detail is when I played the spy disguised as a Hot Dog Salesman.

I’m new on the forums here, but not to the site. Nice to meet you.

The megazord was more powerful than just the normal zords by themselves. they would need them to beat the evil bosses when they couldnt do it themselves and they would win anyway. didnt meen to bring it up again.

Btw…why do the power rangers always win like all good guys? i think its pretty gay.