Hello, everyone!!

Hi, y’all! The name’s Kitty Cat Gal! I’m new here, so feel free to introduce yourselves if ya want! :kissy:

HI! ASL? Pic?

I’m Charlemagne, I like Kitty Cat Gals

And thus the “wave” continues…

Hey there. Welcome to RPGC. If you see a guy called PC Glenton, hide your wallet.

Now please post a picture of yourself in a bikini.


I hope you enjoy our company.
You should be fine, but just in case… hands Kitty Cat Gal a taser
Well, have fun! :slight_smile:
We haven’t had many catgirls around, have we?
Well, I hope you’ll feel right at home. We’re all a bit crazy, but you’ll get used to it… eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

takes the Taser and breaks it in two Silly Manus, you should know that catgirls (or catgals, as the case is now) aren’t supposed to be able to hurty people, except with Hammers of Baka! :slight_smile:

Oh, welcome to RPGC. I’m Val. I’d stab you hello, since I’m the resident stabmaster, but due to an incident in the Media Forum, I’m stuck in my inner child’s body.


takes the Taser and breaks it in two* Silly Manus, you should know that catgirls (or catgals, as the case is now) aren’t supposed to be able to hurty people, except with Hammers of Baka! :slight_smile:

Just a precaution, Val… Catgirls aren’t very safe around here these days… :stuck_out_tongue: Well then, Sapphire Falcon will probably supply our new member with the standard issue mallet soon.
(BTW, I wonder how many people will actually fall for that sig trick…)

Welcome to the graveyard. This is where you shall find the lost souls of the damned. Good luck in sifting your way through the filth, and finding a place of acceptance.

Also, I agree with Sorc; please, someone, make this flood of newbs stop!

Welcome to the boards.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome’, and steals all the catfood.

welcome… I am Orakio, Super Hero In Training and master of <a href=“http://ww.rpgclassics.com/~hideout”>The Orakian Hideout</a>, your one stop spot for something or other… I forget what :slight_smile:

Anyways, have fun while here. Stay away from the psycho catgirl loving men here… or Charl. :slight_smile:

And, wait for it…

Welcome to the forum. Exits are here here and here Please exit in an orderly manner.

How many more are there going to be? What’s the record?

welcome… this is the place where everyone has become insane or will be insane. :mwahaha:

Greetings from RPG News! I am JFGemini107! King of the Heavy Lourdes! Heavy Lourde falls on Gemini. Ow.

Heavy Lourdes are giant weights

I envy all the teenage guys on this board. Back in my day, we didn’t see girls on the internet. Thus, porn was created. >_>


Hmmmm… Too teenage girls from Australia… RUD’S BEEN TAINTING MINDS! Not that we mind, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, follow this nice man. He’ll show you to the mines, where you shall WORK SLAVE, WORK.


I am Nightblade, the crazed freak that stalks people at night and always carrying a blade. Thus the name Nightblade.

(Actually i got that name from SD3)

Welcome, I just wanted to say hi, to give you this, which will probably come in handy in the near future gives Kitty Cat Gal a large rubber mallet and say don’t worry we’re perfecly sane (cough, cough), before Cala catches me talking. I had a lapse of common sense and vollunteered to be her slave.

Edit: This particular mallet has a special taser option, however it will cost to get it activated.

Hey!!!:yipee: :yipee: :wave: too tired for tickle attacking I prefer that and slicing with my claws rather than mallets.