Hello everyone

Hi, I am newbie.This is my frist thread …lol.
say hello to everybody.

Lulz hai n00b, wat up?

Wow, a newbie. I thought this site didn’t have those anymore.


Well, no spam in his/her signature yet, so it’s not a spambot (sorry, we’re getting too many of those these days.)

Anyway, welcome Perreiles, hope you enjoy the site. :slight_smile:

Welcome PERREILES, have fun and don’t take anything here too seriously. Oh, and entrance to our humble home requires you to leave your sanity at the door. Oh, and watch yourself there’s some here who eat faces…

I’ve been waiting for ages to post this again :slight_smile:

There must be something wrong with me. I read this line and didn’t realize the last word in it was “faces”


Yet. There’s some that sign up, wait a while, and then spam.

Feces? Or were you thinking innuendo?

You people all have shit on the brain…