Hello Everyone

Hello, names azurius i realize im new to forums however i play ALOT of rpgs and i was interested in creating a walk through however clicking the join staff link for me however, leads me to a 404 error(maybe because of the site remodeling?) anyways i figured id ask the rpgc forums and see if a staff personal could help me or let me know if joining is closed ect my MSN is always on and ill keep on the forums to see if there hasbeen any reply. thank you.



It should be working. We’re currently not accepting new shrines. But feel free to add content to our Wiki.

Since when are we not excepting shrines? Are we done with the guise that this is a legitimate website for video game walkthroughs and stuff like that?

Since when no one volunteered to maintain join@rpgclassics.com. We might start accepting them again once someone does and I’ve coded new design into a Shrines Template.